It sure looks like it could be just that. Found on the official GTA4 website was a video of what looks like could have been the loading trailer for when the site was loading... why they never used it is another question...

You'll notice in the video that as it pans out it replicates the exact map that is currently shown on the official GTAIV website.

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    Pedigree Feb 10, 08
    The lighting is just beautiful in this game. Buying a PS3 for this is definitely worth it.
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    Krunal Feb 10, 08
    Guys they've taken the YouTube video down, but video on the website should work once it's back up...
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      Final Blade Feb 10, 08
      Can someone post a video of it, cause im too lazy to view the site. Also why they youtube take it off?
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        Dance Floor Killah Feb 10, 08
        I would assume that YouTube took it down because some pissy person probably reported it for copyright infringement or something stupid.
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          Bri Feb 10, 08
          As with all videos "WORTH" watching.

          The lighting is spectacular, checked out the vid on another site.
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          Krunal Feb 11, 08
          Actually I believe Rockstar took matter into their own hands since it's also missing from the source site

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