It was no question 7+ months ago the 360 was plagued with an astounding failure rate of 33% from the infamous Red Ring of Death, the most in console history. But with the Falcon chips implemented it has gone down by half of what it was, 16%. While both Nintendo and Sony consoles was below 1% the least amount in history. However now it seems both those consoles are now at 3% failure rate.

There is no question with excessive amount of usage, any console can have break downs, such as Over-heatings and possible DRE(disc read errors). Which means we may see these consoles getting higher failure rates as time goes by.

There's been a lot of press about Microsoft's red ring problem. Estimates of the problem have been all over the map, and when he was working for Microsoft, Peter Moore referred to them as a moving target. Company estimates pinned it at a fairly normal 3%, while some retailers have put the percentage as high as 1/3 of all systems.

A new report claims the truth is somewhere in the middle. SquareTrade deals in selling warranties for electronics, and has amassed their over 1000 warranty purchases to come up with some interesting data. The findings were a 16.4% failure rate of Xbox 360 systems, versus a roughly 3% rate for the Sony PlayStation 3 or the Nintendo Wii with sample sizes in the high hundreds. The well-known "Red Ring of Death" error accounted for about 60% of those hardware failures, and thus most system-breaking problems are covered by Microsoft's extended warranty plan.

SquareTrade CEO Steve Abernethy speculated that the future may see an even higher percentage. "It is reasonable to believe these failure rates will increase over time, since the Xbox 360 failure issues tend to increase with prolonged use where overheating appears the main culprit," he said. Abernethy went on to note that while the company didn't track the different variations of the 360, he "would estimate most if not all were the original motherboard."
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    Dance Floor Killah Feb 14, 08
    Nice to see those new chips are working pretty well.

    [I also love the little fanboy visit. Please keep thumbing everyone down and thumbing up any comments that support your system.]
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    Rinkydink Feb 15, 08
    Hmm are you sure that the Wii failure rate is around 3%? I've yet to see any complaints on the console breaking from people I know who have one, people on forums etc.

    As for the 360, glad to see that the failure rate has dropped. Even so, the rate needs to drop further..
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      StabWound Feb 15, 08
      Just google "Wii overheating" you'll get tons of results, apparently the gpu gets a little too hot.
      • 1
        joshthegreat Feb 15, 08
        After all, it has to deal a huge amount of processing and alike. Luckily overheating is a smell price to pay for the photo-realistic graphics the GPU is able to give.
        • 1
          Guticb Feb 15, 08

          The overheating is just a cheap oversight on Nintendo's behalf. If they put a decent fan in it, it wouldn't be doing it.
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      Final Blade Feb 15, 08
      Both the Wii and PS3 failures rates increased to 3% according to this article, then again its 1up known to make false articles so idk.
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    Storm Feb 15, 08
    Overheating is a common issue, and we should be smart enough to know when to give the console a break.

    Glad to see the 360's numbers cut down a good amount.
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    SonicFire Feb 15, 08
    overheating is a hard issue 2 come by unless u keep playing and playing and playing but thats abuse and overuse of the system which shouldnt be done.

    the 360's rate sure has gone down but hard 2 believe its been out 2 years or almost 2 and still has over 10% of failure rate...the wii and ps3 have been out 1 year and barely has 1%,how interesting...?
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      Avalith Feb 15, 08
      Microsoft rushed the development and production of the 360 just so it could be the first next-gen console on the market. Nintendo and Sony took their time and ironed out as many issues as possible, hence the massive difference in failure rates.

      Why did they rush things? Because they're always playing catchup with the rest of every industry they try to get involved with (iPod vs. Zune, Mac vs. Windows) and they do things much more inefficiently, hence the rampant failures.
      • 2
        Cdemon Feb 15, 08
        Similar to how Sony rushed the PS2 out to beat the GameCube and Xbox, huh? HUH?!
        • -1
          Final Blade Feb 15, 08
          Ironically enough its failure rates was nothing like 360, which means it had better design. And guess what it was number 1 overall, can't say the same for 360.
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    Bale Fire Feb 15, 08
    Yeah but even it wasn't as badly botched as the 360 was initially, I believe the statistic for a PS2 failing was around the 15% mark? That's half the amount of 360's that were originally failing and this is whole generation later. Technology should get more reliable not the other way around
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    jmac353 Feb 15, 08

    To actually comprehend the whole article. This doesn't mean the 360 failure rate is down to 16%, it just means that this company, SquareTrade isn't seeing as many returned 360s. This doesn't account for all the rest of the 360's returned directly to Microsoft.

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