Until more official word comes out, it seems Akuma has been spotted in Street Fighter 4, and check out what his character would look like in the new SF4.

They have kept the old tradition of leaving Akuma evil looking and demonic. He looks pretty evil from the picture, doesn't he?

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    iLLmatic Feb 20, 08
    um, yea thats how Akuma has always looked.
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    Storm Feb 20, 08
    I found it funny how they'd show him in a movie or one of the series just randomly showing up places.

    I think an interview stated that he'd be in it.
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    Zeon I Feb 21, 08
    I think that's fake. There's no doubt that Akuma's going to be in SF 4, but all SF 4 art is in this funky new Calligraphy style.

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