The first Gears of War 2 Trailer just released!

Basically not a whole lotta information from this. Just get to see him tearing up some Locust ass.

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    The Primagen Feb 20, 08
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    EliteBlue Feb 20, 08
    Hell yes. November 2008?.......Impressive.
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    Dragoshi1 Feb 20, 08
    WOOOOOOW...Badass simply,badass
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    Slumpy monkey Feb 20, 08
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    Smoke Feb 20, 08
    Why do they make it seem like a Noir trailer?
    • 1
      Sereph Feb 20, 08
      Because it looks really, really damn cool?
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        Smoke Feb 21, 08
        That's because you have a massive hard on for the series.

        The trailer is hardly anything other than cliche. What are they selling, an iPod styled Sci-fi Max Payne?

        Compare it with their first trailer, the nice soft song of Mad World contrasted with the high intense battle scenes, that got people interested to see what its about.... this... meh.
    • -1
      Sereph Feb 20, 08
      (*bleep*ing gamegrep made me double-post)
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    jmac353 Feb 20, 08
    Nice lip syncing .
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    Storm Feb 20, 08
    Yay! Hopefully it makes a 2008 release date, can't wait.

    Damn teaser though...must see...more...
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      Dance Floor Killah Feb 20, 08
      From what the page has, it's coming this November. And I'm pretty damn excited.
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        Existenz Feb 20, 08
        The game never made its original release date way back, so just because it says November 2008 doesn't mean it will come out then not with Epic Games.
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    Charlie Feb 20, 08
    Man I need to get a 360 and Gears of 1 and 2, looks awesome.
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    iLLmatic Feb 20, 08
    Hope they make a longer, less repetitive damn game.
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      Deadman Rules Feb 21, 08
      I hope the campaign isn't as underrated as the first game. Damn was that a fun campaign.

      Multiplayer is where it's at anyways.
  • 0
    Remedy Feb 21, 08
    The campaign needs to be longer for sure and explained further.
    Too bad the trailer didn't tell us nothing of that sort. :[
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    Subzer0 Feb 21, 08
    Awesome. I really liked the first (never finished it though ).

    This, the first one and Bioshock are the only reasons I sometimes consider getting a 360 but then I think about the RROD and I pass.

    Still neat teaser.
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    DragoniteBallZ Feb 21, 08

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