Namco Bandai's upcoming RPG Fragile has had another outing in the latest Famitsu magazine, this time revealing a shed load of new information on what looks like a very dark, eerie and interesting title, indeed.

The latest issue of Famitsu magazine has thrown up a number of new details about what looks like one of the Nintendo Wii’s most promising upcoming single-player experiences, Namco Bandai’s Fragile. Information on exploration, battling and enemies, was all divulged.
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    Xtrordinary Mar 10, 08
    Yaay :3.

    Looks nice =D.
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    black doom Mar 10, 08
    I having been meaning to look into this again recently, but I had let the name slip from my mind...
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    BANDITO ATTACK Mar 10, 08
    lol ... namco bandai.

    i can already tell its el lame
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      Gogetenks Mar 10, 08
      I'm not a big fan of a majority of Namco Bandai's games, personally. They are a decent company, but not much more than that. I have to say, though, they (specifically Namco) have been responsible for some excellent RPGs in the past. Looking at games in the Tales series, Baiten Kaitos and the Xenosaga series, I'm not too worried. They have developed some very well recieved RPGs.

      I'm looking forward to the game, anyway. It seems very interesting. The environments and such seem a bit like Silent Hill, which is unusual for an RPG.

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