According to this story the Wii helps medical patients recover, it helps regain balance and is treated as some kind of mental and physical rehab for elderly and disabled people. I guess it could help with balance, but a mental and physical rehab? It's just a gaming console :(

You may be use to seeing teens playing those new, interactive games on the Wii video game player, but now some elderly and disabled people at a nursing home in Pocatello want a piece of the action.

The disabled and elderly folk at Hillcrest Haven Nursing Center in Pocatello can't wait to do their Wii-hab.

"Oh! It's so much fun. It's the baseball, and we hit it," says Mickey Armstrong, an 86-year-old patient at Hillcrest recovering from a stroke.
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    Dragoshi1 Mar 16, 08
    This is official.

    The Wii PWNs every other system to the dust. the wii has the highest range of consumers.

    Power to the Players,y'all,power to the players
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      Seproth Mar 16, 08
      Highest range of consumers hardly means that they've won.

      What will happen? These people will buy Wii fit and play Wii sports. That's it. It's highly unlikely that they'll even buy Mario let alone any 3rd party game.

      In case you didn't know...companies bite huge losses in console sales and make it up in extra hardware and software. The same way razor companies sell razors for cheap and then jack up the price on replacement blades.
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        black doom Mar 17, 08
        If the Wii can get the PES and FIFA level gamers they will have a good enough basis to work with, plus there are those of us who are all about Brawl and Zelda and Mario and Metroid. Don't get me wrong I do have a few third party games already, I am one of the fans of Sonic and The Secret Rings, so us Nintendo lovers don't always overlook third party ourselves. So I think the Wii has a strong chance.

        Besides just in case Nintendo decided to rig it to make a profit on every Wii.

        What did I do? I only responded with my view and didn't take a swing at any console. If it is about the fact I seemed to be talking about different audiences to him allow me to clarify that I was pointing out there are Wii fans out there besides the ones who don't play that many games. I was actually explaining how would be non gamers merge with traditional light gamers to some extent in liking of the Wii. Further more light gamers mix with serious gamers, I was just ensuring he didn't overlook the social element of modern gaming.
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        Chekkaa Mar 18, 08
        Doesn't Nintendo actually make money for each console though?
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          black doom Mar 18, 08
          I am extremely confident they do, as I point out in response to Seproth.
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    black doom Mar 16, 08
    For all my love of Nintendo, seeing it do this sort of good makes me just as happy as the thought of all the future games for it.
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    Twisted Mar 16, 08
    My gramma told me a while ago that she wants to get one, so my grandpa could play golf games and browse the internet for sports shows.
    I thought they were the only ones.
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    Capn Droid Mar 16, 08
    So much for the Nintendo Wii being "too kiddy."

    I'm saying that this proves further that the Nintendo Wii isn't kiddy. Not every post that's one sentence long is compromised of sarcasm, tyvm.
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    ShinyMilotic Mar 17, 08
    I never thought it was to kiddy, Wii Sports etc is good for all ages.
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    Charlie Mar 17, 08
    The Wii is good for all ages and a good family system.

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