As previously posted, the "Complete" bundles of Rock Band will be retailing in Europe next month at a retail price of £180 ($360). This is £95 ($186) more than what American gamers already pay for the same equipment.

Today, though, whilst talking to Eurogamer, Harmonix's Rob Kay has come out and stated (in relation to why the European Gamers have to pay more) though VAT and the higher price of consumer electronics are not to blame though they had an impact, it is to actually do with how it gets split down between retailers and distributors though he does not indulge more then that as he does not know how they "work it out".

He does however go onto acknowledge that he understands why European Gamers may be put of at these costs but believes they will still by the product and have a great time with it even if they don't have all the equipment being offered.

Harmonix's Rob Kay has responded to criticisms over the European price point for Rock Band, telling Eurogamer: "We're not trying to rip anybody off."

As announced earlier today, Rock Band will launch in Europe on May 23rd for Xbox 360, with PS2, PS3 and Wii versions to follow in the summer. The total cost for the game, drum kit, microphone and guitar will come to GBP 180 / EUR 240 - compared to USD 169 (GBP 85 / EUR 107) in the States.

Speaking to Eurogamer today Kay, who is lead designer on the game, conceded, "The combined price, if you add all that up and decide you want that full experience, is quite high. It's not something that is normal in videogames.

"But Rock Band isn't normal in videogames," he continued. "This is an entirely new thing. What other game comes with three peripherals that are all different? It just makes sense for the experience we're trying to deliver."

When asked why the game will be so much more expensive in the UK than it is in the US, Kay cited VAT and the higher price of consumer electronics generally. "These are definitely not excuses so much as contributing reasons," he stated.

"I can't talk to the explicit pricing - how it gets split down between retailers and distributors and the whole chain - because I don't actually know that much about it."

Kay went on to say he can see why consumers might be "a bit put off" by the price of Rock Band, but observed there is an option to buy just one instrument or a microphone separately. He added, "I firmly believe that if people do [buy it] they'll have an amazing experience they couldn't get anywhere else."
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    MusiKon Apr 9, 08
    If there word is true, then lower the price of the PS2 and Wii versions (both Europe and America), and we'll call it even.
  • 0
    Xenctuary Apr 9, 08
    This article has been edited slightly to avoid confusion over the price differences.
    • 0
      tidus04 Apr 10, 08
      Thankyou Xenctuary
  • 1
    Deadman Rules Apr 10, 08
    I like how their excuse is basically "Because IT'S AWESOME!"
    • 0
      Xenctuary Apr 10, 08
      Haha that's a fair reason, right?
      • 0
        Fusion Apr 10, 08
        It is an awesome game, but I do feel bad for the U.K. people. Hell, I'd be put off having to spend over $360 on a video game.

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