Black20 has created a sort-of mock-up of what a Tetris movie would be like. Check it out through the source.

Honestly, put a few million into this and it could actually be good, if you're the sort of person that's into weird awesome stuff like Tron.

From the video post:

This is Mike O'Gorman's concept that I directed and edited. Mike wrote the script and even built large model Tetris blocks that we shot against green screen. I thought we could pull off the special effects if we made them highly stylized. No 3-D animation was used in this piece. Just models, 2-D animation and green screen. We were going for a Tron/Sin City look.
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    Rusty Bucket Boy Apr 13, 08
    A Tetris movie? That would be trippy.
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    Storm Apr 13, 08
    That's prety sweet. Tetris is my favorite game of all time, would be interesting to see it on the big screen. As long as they show more of the 'block games,' some special effects and such, they can surely pull it off.
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    Fourth Dimension Apr 13, 08
    Uwe Boll directing?
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      Storm Apr 13, 08
      Nooo, don't jinx it.
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    Stitch Apr 13, 08
    A movie?
    About Tetris?
    Lol, they see in almost anything a movie these days.
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    Euphoric Apr 13, 08
    I can't see this working...storyline? It will surely be bland as the writer will have had to come up with some stupid filling shit to make up for the fact that their subject has zero substance.
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    Final Blade Apr 13, 08
    Tetris has no story, not plot no nothing = Epic Failure for a movie.

    Tron had a story and plot, this one doesn't.
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      TurMoiL911 Apr 13, 08
      Still, I bet a Tetris movie would be better than half the crap movies that are released these days.

      I mean, I would watch it.
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        StarJet Apr 13, 08
        But what would be there to watch in a Tetris movie? How can someone come up with a storyline for Tetris? (Unless someone comes up with an idea similar to the power forest crap they did with PacMan. )
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          TurMoiL911 Apr 13, 08
          Do what the Doom movie did: bite off the storyline from Alien.

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    Chris7689 Apr 13, 08
    a tetris movie would be about as boring as watching someone else play tetris rather then playing it for yourself lol.
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    Bale Fire Apr 13, 08
    Can you guys not see it? The movie would take place in Blocktown where the red L block who has moved from Squareville is having trouble fitting in. He then falls in love with the blue T block from the other side of town. What follows is a tale of love, redemption and of course staying away from the red line
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    Miss Razz Apr 14, 08
    Haha, didn't anybody watch the "trailer" at the source? That's epic stuf right there.
    Too bad it's fake ...
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    Twisted Apr 15, 08
    I've always hated Tetris, so which leads me to believe this won't be any good. What will the whole movie be, "OMG I GO HERE" and the twist when the green "L" loves the red brick?

    Sorry to seem so negative.
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    FFXFREAK Apr 15, 08
    Why are some people getting so serious it's just a mock-up trailer, did you guys even read the article >>. If this were to be real I'd watch it xD!


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