You read that right!

This new hidden feature has just been found out in Playstation 3 allows you to set your Playstation 3 to "self-clean" itself of dust internally when ever you like in only a matter of second to complete. In order to try this process out for yourself all you have to do is;

Start off by turning the PS3 completely off from the switch at the back of the console and turning it back on while simultaneously holding the eject button.

A loud whir will signal your success as the PS3 console enters the self maintenance mode, with all of the internal fans instantly revving their little hearts outs and cleaning the innards of your PS3 from harmful dust particles - not to mention making a noise that we all thought the whisper quiet PS3 was absolutely incapable of.

After roughly ten seconds your PS3 will automatically go back into standby mode and you'll be the owner of a dust free console.

Though I should state that this "self-clean" feature is currently unavailable for the 40GB user though it is claimed that you are likely to receive this through a future Firmwire update because the majority of the non-40GB user's really enjoy this feature.

Now go on, you know you want to give it a go!..

(video found credit to chautemoc)

Forget curing a disease or finding alien life on a distant planet, the biggest discovery of the moment is the recently revealed self cleaning option that is built into your humble PlayStation 3.

In an effort to protect your precious console from the copious amounts of dust that seem to be attracted to its shiny exterior, you can now blow away excess dust from the internal components by following a simple procedure.
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  • 0
    Guugley Apr 14, 08
    That is quite awesome to be honest. What a great feature. =\

    Nice work, Sony.
  • 0
    X_MANBEARPIG_X Apr 14, 08
    Bit weird that we weren't really told this a while ago.
  • 0
    Sadistic Apr 14, 08
    I always cleaned my console myself, but this will save me some time. It's a nice feature.
  • 0
    Subzer0 Apr 14, 08
    Wow. What an awesome feature.
  • 3
    joshthegreat Apr 14, 08
    Yeah... I just tried this and it doesn't work. The fan test doesn't work.

    Edit: Oh, you may want to change your article. This ONLY works for 40GB models.
  • 0
    jmac353 Apr 14, 08
    Quite honestly this is something all consoles should have. Especially the 360.

    Just wait children, consoles are getting more and more like PCs everyday and that's a good thing. We need more technological control over our home consoles.
  • 0
    Incidnia Apr 14, 08
    OMG SKYNET!!!!!!!!!! ! ! !
  • 0
    anatomyofme Apr 14, 08
    lol skynet.. but yea i have the original 60 gig and this doesnt work for me either. just gives me the double beep for no disc to eject.
  • 0
    Krunal Apr 14, 08
    If this breaks my PS3, I'm coming after you Tidus04. And I know your IP... I can find out where you live
  • 0
    kik36 Apr 14, 08
    I'm a bit nervous to try it since Sony has never said anything about it.
  • 0
    Euraces Apr 14, 08
    Wow, just one more reason to get a Sony Playstation 3 soon, quickly or immediately to add to the largely growing list, the fact that Sony didn't mention this is somewhat perplexing however ?

    Maybe like Seproth said it has something to do with risk, if Krunal's PS3 does break, 2 things will happen, it will prove that there is risk involved, and that the policeman will find tidus04 laying dead in the ground in a few days.
  • 0
    Storm Apr 14, 08
    Well...once every six months can't be so bad, right? That's how I plan to do it.
  • 0
    Synergized Apr 14, 08
    Sounds fishy, but a cool feature nevertheless. As people have mentioned, why wouldn't Sony announce this feature?
    • 0
      Subzer0 Apr 14, 08
      Because it harms the PS3. I shouldn't have gotten too excited in the first place.
  • -2
    Capn Droid Apr 14, 08
    This is actually one of the obnoxious add ons of the new Sony console that I actually like. It sticks to keeping the system running smoothly, which doesn't contribute to multimedia stuff or video games in general. I'm just peeved how Sony calls their console a video game console and yet it has so much stuff on it, it's hardly a video game console anymore. Anyways.... Not to mention the feature itself is incredibly useful. A for Sony.
    • -2
      Final Blade Apr 14, 08
      Entertainment system, than a game system

      This harms your system than helps. So i suggest no one does this.
      • -1
        Existenz Apr 15, 08
        Well actually when used in its true context its is the lesser of two evils, in a real scenario the main fan would kick in when the system if overheating... Its then a case of fried console or 5 minutes less on the consoles life, the main fan isn't an issue, it is for this when people are doing it when there is no issue.
      • -1
        Capn Droid Apr 16, 08
        Was the PSX an "entertainment system"? No, it was a video game console.
        • 0
          Final Blade Apr 27, 08
          How that proves anything i will never know. Times has changed, get with the program. Also the PSP is an entertainment hub as well.

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