So the results are in, and to no one's surprise GTA IV is being touted as an incredible game, with an immersive story, impressive graphics, a fairly good multiplayer mode, and a whole lot more.

GameTrailers reinforces this with their review of the game, leading to a 9.8/10 score, and very few complaints.

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    Dine_Agoti Apr 27, 08
    I'm not a big fan of GTA, and I haven't been anticipating this game. But watching that review, it looks like something I'm gunna have to pick up.
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    Dio Apr 27, 08
    9.8? Bah! Terrible score.

    Haha, joking of course. Can't wait for tomorrow night!
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      Final Blade Apr 27, 08
      It is, I mean they have been known for taken off points for no reason.

      IGN giving it a 10, is the true score in my eyes.
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    theundertakergonzo Apr 27, 08
    This game looks freaking awesome, just watching that trailer makes me want to play it. Can't wait to get this game! I'm pretty eager for it now.
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    The Don Apr 27, 08
    Just watch, IV will terminate all previous records. But I was wondering, with a bunch of Wii lovers, how much (if at all) will IV beat Brawl in sales?
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      Ameer Apr 28, 08
      Considering GTA IV is being released on both the Xbox 360 and PS3, I think the inevitable result is a no-brainer.
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    Subzer0 Apr 27, 08
    Man this game is going to kick so much ass! Pretty good review!
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    Peano Apr 28, 08
    A matter of hours until the release now, I cannot wait. This review has made me pretty excited. It was a very good interview that was put together nicely!
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    Final Blade Apr 28, 08
    You know i didn't hear anything from them why it got less than 10. And according to them they only played the 360 version. Is the score for both or just one?
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      random_gamer Apr 28, 08
      They gave the presentation aspect of the game a lower score, which brought down the overall score, because of some of the technical issues present. They said none of them ruin the game by any means, but they're still noticeable.
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        Existenz Apr 28, 08
        It still isn't a fair result, i mean IGN even stated the PS3 lacks some of the technical faults that are in the 360 version, i am not saying it should be any higher 9.8/10 is a magnificent result but i still think both versions should have been reviewed.
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    joshuam Apr 28, 08
    IGN gave it a 10/10 and i think it deserves it
    would be better if he could swim
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    Synergized Apr 28, 08
    I don't expect any review to badmouth this game due to the hype. However, if there is an article in which someone does rate it bad, it'll either be praised(if the person has good reasons on why to put the game down) or shot for writing a bad review on it since people are assuming the awesomeness of the game. I remember someone writing bad about Halo 3 and he/she got respected since his reasoning was fair and true.
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    Rinkydink Apr 28, 08
    lol @ fanboys who are complaining that they didn't give it a 10. Yes, because 9.8 really is that bad..

    GameTrailers always give fantastic video reviews, and this one is no different. Very nice to see GTA IV please yet another respectable game site to this extent, and we can safely say that GTA IV will be one of the top games this year.

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