When it comes to bringing Tom Clancy’s The Division to life, Toykyo Joe is your guy. He builds Amazing dioramas from scratch resembling real life scenes from movies and video games with absolute precision. I have to give a big Thank You to Toykyo Joe for sending me this extremely detailed Tom Clancy's The Division Collector's Item.

Being a huge fan of Tom Clancy's The Division, a good friend of mine over at DNA-Modz sent me this Custom Painted iRobotGaming | The Division Themed PS4 Controller. As you can see, this is now a one of a kind custom PS4 Controller. This is well done, especially being that I've been actually playing with the controller and it hasnt shown any form or wear or tear.

It's the second anniversary of A Realm Reborn and this event comes with some heartfelt thanks and makes the eyes a little bit watery. If you have not done the event yet, it's only here for a limited time.

"Will Fallout 4 be a bigger hit than Skyrim?

It’s no secret that gamers have been waiting impatiently for the release of Fallout 4. The video game series has legions of dedicated fans, just waiting to dust off their 10mm SMG’s and travel the Wasteland once again, seeking action and adventure.

In a few short months, the game will launch (November 10, 2015 to be exact). And like a Fat Man nuking a mob of Super Mutants, Fallout 4 will surely be a smashing success."

"Larian Studios returned to Kickstarter to make Divinity: Original Sin 2 bigger and badder than the first game. The sequel has a starting goal of $500,000 but Larian already managed to surpass that within the first day of being on the crowd-funding surface, managing to accrue an impressive $750,000 as of the writing of this article."

"In fighting games you live and die by super moves. In the case of Street Fighter V, Capcom’s reveal trailer for the busty female wrestler Rainbow Mika shows that you can certainly die by getting your face smashed in by her butt cheeks."

The gang is back an this week they talk about Destiny, Shenmue Undub, Life Is Strange, Minecraft, Rocket League, Last of Us, the new console from China, Nintendo release dates, Maxlander, Rainbow Six delayed and more!

As part of the ongoing Project Cars on Demand, the latest editions to the garage are a few cars that ooze utter quality…the Ford Mustang, 1987 CTR Yellowbird and the BMW 2002 Turbo!

Ever have one of those games that just absolutely resonated with you - but perhaps not everyone else? You know what happens with those kinds of titles? Unfortunately they usually do not get sequels because there was not enough interest the first time around. Here is the second part of a list that looks at games that deserved sequels - but never got them.

"I remember being coerced into buying Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons when it initially released on the Xbox 360 amid the fanfare from my fellow gamers. For now, let’s just say that I didn’t regret it and seeing as it has just been released on the current generation consoles including Xbox One, I get to re-live it all over again."

Square Enix has launched its Tokyo Game Show 2015 website and along with it are some of titles we should be expecting to see at the event. So far, the ones confirmed are:

  • Dragon Quest Builders – Special Program
  • Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward – Battle Challenge
  • Star Ocean: Integrity and FaithlessnessPlayable

Info on other titles (e.g. Final Fantasy XV, Nier 2 and Final Fantasy VII Remake) will be revealed at later dates, according to SE. The company will also hold a Mega Threater to s...

The latest Saint Seiya: Soldiers' Soul video features Merak Beta Hagen and Cygnus Hyoga as they engage in battle, as released by Bandai Namco.

The game will be available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC via Steam in a month's time in Japan. Meanwhile, North America will have it by fall this year.

To lift words from poet Robert Pinsky: “Anything can become universal; any moment, any person’s idea at any one moment. Any artifact, if you could understand it well enough, would be a portal into the whole rest of the universe.” And if there is any label most befitting Will O’Neill’s Actual Sunlight, it is artifact. Document of a life, or kind of life, a window.

This is the rare case where no controversy need come from declaring “not a game”, and not only because O’Neill does it himself i...

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been a wild success for Polish development studio CD Projekt. According to the company’s latest financial results, The Witcher 3 sold an impressive six million units in the first six weeks on store shelves.

"A new game that has made its way to Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight called Tacopocalypse fuses together the zaniness of Sega’s Dreamcast classic Crazy Taxi, the tricks and stunts from Tony Hawk and the dangers and deadliness of various apocalyptic hazards ranging from tsunamis to meteor storms."

Entitled #Winning, you can view the trailer below prior to NBA 2K16 will be hitting your consoles from Sept 29th 2015. With the most authentic gameplay a basketball simulation title has ever delivered.

It looks increasingly likely that we will never see a new Metroid game on the Wii U. One fan has taken it upon himself to create a proper high definition Metroid demo using Unreal Engine 4. The result is a stunning, moody experience in the vane of the tremendously successful Metroid Prime series on GameCube.

While the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate come out on October 23, the PC version won't be released until after roughly a month, Ubisoft announced, and here's why:

quote Sam Kovalev, Studio Production Manager
We have introduced several new improvements to our production pipeline and validation process, which allowed us to focus on polishing, stabilizing and optimizing the PC version very early on in the project. This has been one of the top priorities for th...

CD Projekt RED's latest financial report reveal that the open-world RPG, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, has successfully sold 6 million copies in its first six weeks of sale.

It's also been mentioned that they have already brought about 236 million Polish Zloty (or $63.3 million US dollars) of net profit.

The first two Turok games are about to be re-released on the PC. Long before indie dinosaur adventure Ark: Survival Evolved hit the stage there was Turok: Dinosaur Hunter on the Nintendo 64.

"Each week EA Sports creates a FIFA Ultimate Team Team of the Week (TOTW) based on players in the real world that are in form for that week. Take a look at the team that will be available for one week from 26th August at 6pm."

Garen, the pride of the Demacian military and long-standing fan favorite, is another League of Legends champion who received the rework treatment as part of the recently released 5.16 Juggernaut patch

Hammerfall’s Regicide is named after a fictional game that exists inside the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Presumably very similar to Chess, its name has been borrowed for this game. There are two versions of the game; classic Chess and Regicide, which is basically chess but with special abilities and the pieces can shoot at each other.

"The upcoming wild west, turn-based action-RPG from Creative Forge Games is set for release this autumn on Steam. I haven’t heard much about this game but it looks really awesome. A new developer diary was released for Hard West to showcase the game’s stealth, pre-combat phase and how to rob a bank before demons come into town. Yes, demons."

From the makers of the widely acclaimed action-strategy games Toy Soldiers, and Toy Soldiers: Cold War comes the next installment in the franchise for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Play as iconic toys and action figures from your child hood including He-Man, G.I. Joe, and Cobra. Come find out what makes Toy Soldiers: War Chest Hall of Fame Edition unlike any other in the genre.