"Earlier this week VRFocus reported on news that the developer of Weightless, one of the many entrants in the Leap Motion 3D Jam, was hoping to release a full version of the virtual reality (VR) compatible title sometime in 2015. With public voting for the jam now closed, it will be revealed today just which entrants made it into the list of 20 finalists that will then compete for the top spot. While you wait for the results, the developer has provided some GIFs of Weightless, showing off its ..."

Slightly Mad Studios have released five new screenshots which show off the London location found in its upcoming free-to-play racing game. Click on the link below to view all five screenshots.

"Virtual reality (VR) movies are rapidly growing in popularity just as they are with videogames. While several flimmakers have either released or begun work on 360 degree videos that can be viewed with the likes of the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD), some of the most influential people in the industry are starting to take interest in it. Peter Jackson, the director of The Lord of the Rings trilogy and, more recently, The Hobbit trilogy, is the latest Hollywood name to be tied to the te..."

GG3 writes: "Not content with the Remote Play functionality for Playstation 4 as it is now, some users have taken the connection to a new level. Through some workarounds, it’s possible to run a PS4 remotely through any PC setup."

"Back in October innovative input manufacturers Leap Motion launched a contest for the virtual reality (VR) development community in which the contestants had to create a unique application or videogame making use of both the Leap Motion device and the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD). The contest finalists were subject to public voting and today the winners have been revealed."

Trials Fusion’s Multiplayer will be available to play on PC only until December 22, 10am CET.

Players can sign in with their existing Uplay account to be granted immediate access to Trials Fusion’s online multiplayer component.

The PC racing simulation, Assetto Corsa, has finally officially left the Steam early-access programme as its release version 1.0 is now available and just in time for Christmas!

Here is the latest video in The Crew’s region overviews from Ubisoft.

Today is the turn of the East Coast, the video tells of the local faction “The Eagles”, New York city and Washington DC. The narrator on the trailer recommends a Dirt Spec car to get the most out of the East Coast region.

"It’s been a big week for indie developer Breakout Studio and its upcoming virtual reality (VR) compatible videogame, Life of Rome. The developer first launched a brand new website for the massively multiplayer online roleplaying (MMORPG) experience, which was quickly followed up with a Steam Greenlight campaign. The former reveals a host of new information about the experience while the latter hopes to secure enough positive votes to be approved for sale on Valve’s digital PC store come full ..."

"Home consoles have been edging closer and closer to evolving their software libraries to include more non-traditional and PC-oriented titles over the past two years. The landscape is rapidly changing due to the lowered costs of entry-level design tools, as well as the architecture that allows for games to grow and expand into different categories of the interactive medium. Well, one game that’s been making waves and keeping somewhat under the media’s radar is ROBLOX. The game-creation softwar..."

The latest trailer is a brief overview of what to expect in The Crew’s The South region.

The short trailer from Ubisoft tells of the heat, mud, bugs, hurricanes, swamps, alligators, and sharks that occupy The South region (okay not all of these things are in the game admittedly).

The Crew which released less than a month ago is already half price or less (in the case of the Xbox 360 version) on Amazon.co.uk.

The deal comes just in time for Christmas, and for those sitting on the fence about the game now is a good time to take the plunge at a much reduced cost.

Yup. Here are some of the deals this holiday season:
(Be warned, because some of them end in 1-2 days from now, I think more will come too.)

  • Dark Souls II ($14.79)
  • Civilization: Beyond Earth ($30.00)
  • Total War: Rome II ($14.98)
  • Sniper Elite III ($24.99)
  • State of Decay ($4.99)
  • Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes ($13.39)
  • Euro Track Simulator 2 ($3.74)

The gang's all here for the final episode of the year. This week we talk about our favorite games we played this year, Assassins Creed, Far Cry 4, Dragon Age, Little Big Planet, Destiny, Amiibo's and more!

"August 2014 saw indie developer Carlos Coronado launch his first-person puzzle title, MIND: Path to Thalamus on Steam. The title launched without any support for the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD), although the developer did assure that it would be coming later on. There’s still no specific date attached to the videogame’s VR integration, but the developer has at least recently assured that it will be arriving in the ‘near future’."

"Gamer Network has today revealed the first batch of titles set to be showcased at next year’s EGX Rezzed event, taking place 12th – 14th March 2015, London. The first virtual reality (VR) title confirmed to be on show is none other than Fireproof Games’ Omega Agent, currently in development for Gear VR and also coming to PC for Oculus Rift."

Above is Milestone’s latest trailer for their upcoming motorcycle racer RIDE.

This trailer shows off the MV Agusta Brutale 1090 R, which has a maximum power output of 158 Bhp @11,900 rpm from its 1,078cc engine. It has maximum torque of 100Nm @ 10,100 rpm and weighs just 183Kg.

"I was taken back slightly when I heard that Flyhunter Origins, the debut game from new independent game studio Steel Wool Games, was created by a team of animators who have worked on such marvels as Disney•Pixar’s, “Brave,” “The Incredibles,” Toy Story, Monsters University, Ratatouille, and many others. So to think of that kind of animation translated over into a game I was all but excited to see what they could come up with. Though Flyhunter is aimed at a younger audience, it’s also a great ..."

A recent issue with The Crew’s servers have caused the game to erase player’s stats, Ubisoft has admitted this themselves.

The annoying bug causes stats such as miles driven and landmarks visited to be lost. Ubisoft however tells as that no major data will be lost with this bug.

Quantum Rush: Champions was released on Steam two weeks ago. It has recently received a new update which adds Steam achievements and Steam trading cards.

Tetris has been around since 1984 and was the most popular game on Nintendo's Game Boy platform which was released in 1989. Since then, it has appeared on many other platforms and is considered one of the greatest video games of all time. In 2006, Nintendo released the now hard to come by Tetris DS which allowed up to ten players to compete locally or online. Since the DS online functionality has been disabled, that game has lost a majority of its charm. Ubisoft has taken the baton and ha...

"Gamers made their voices known through the digital ether known as the internet. They rallied together under the umbrella of free speech and the battle cry of unfettered creative expression. The result? One of the most controversial decisions that Valve has had to make in recent times was overturned."

Its finally here, Rockstar Games just released the Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Heists Trailer. In an interview with IGN, GTA Online producer Imran Sarwar gave a very honest reason for why the sought after online mode had been delayed for as long as it had: "To be honest, they just turned out to be a lot more difficult than we originally thought.And, unsurprisingly, Sarwar states that the creation of the next-gen and PC versions of the game, which would feature drastic improvements including hig...

SCS Software have updated their Truck driving simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2 with its latest v.1.15.1 patch.

Here is the changelog which lists the highlights of the latest Euro Truck Simulator 2 update.

This trailer (credit to Gametrailers.com, possible spoilers!) shows off various moments in The Crew’s storyline.

The team behind The Crew’s awesome CG cutscenes are Puppetworks Studios. They made in total 13 minutes of full CG cutscenes for Ivory Tower/Ubisoft for their open-world racing game.