In Stranger of Sword City, you find yourself inside of a commercial airplane, when suddenly you are alone and crash onto the surface of an unknown land. Dangerous beasts threaten to attack you, and some others come to your aid. They explain that you are one of many Strangers, who came from Earth to this new land in a different dimension, where monsters and special creatures called Lineages threaten everyone's safety. Once defeated, they leave behind a Blood Crystal, which you must then han...

Oh what a Rush you’ll get from the latest Rocksmith 2014 downloadable content, which is a large selection of tracks by the Canadian rock band – Rush.

Armikrog is the latest release from Doug TenNapel, creator of Earthworm Jim, and Pencil Test Studios. It has been coined as The Neverhood’s ‘spiritual successor’ and you can see the resemblance instantly.

RimWorld is both shallow and deep, solid yet slippery at times. Performance is rock solid and any issues reported to Tynan/Ludeon are quickly resolved which means ongoing support and development is not going anywhere anytime soon. Adding to the excellent service and solid Early Access build is an incredibly engaging sci-fi sim that has the feel of something so much more, something deeper, while being something extremely simply and oft-times, care-free. Since every playthrough will be differen...

New expansion Kingdom New World brings life to Kingdom. Exploring new lands is one of the things we may do, with new levels brings new excitement. Designed and created by Thomas van den Berg, Marco Bancale and Published by Raw Fury Games.

When you strip away the graphics and only focus on “What we do” in the game is kind of genius, as a new king in the land, it is our responsibility to spend our coins wisely and keeping our citizens safe from the dark forces that roam the land. The game lo...

2K and Hangar 13 decided to reveal the details of the quintessential 1960s track list of Mafia III, and it’s safe to say there are loads of cracking tunes included.

"Let’s start with the darkest of them all. Players will be able to get their long-awaited hands on the most villainous incarnation of Vegeta we’ll be sure to see in the Dragon Ball Z universe…"

Did you know Team17 are celebrating a major milestone this year? Worms is 21 years old! To mark the 21st anniversary, Team17 wanted to take the Worms franchise to the next level by building upon all the greatness they’ve delivered already and adding fresh features into their newest title – Worms W.M.D.

The undead are multiplying in numbers daily, swarming all forms of media and ensuring they’re the most popular monsters on the metaphorical block. I’m not the biggest zombie fan, but I’ll never pass up the chance to kill off a few of them.

"It seems to be a running theme of late. Tom, like our recent Captain Firelle (Dungeon Punks), has one of “those” jobs. Stuck inside of a crappy office with ridiculous work conditions everything changes for the worse, or better depending on one’s point of view, when a portal to hell is opened and the entire company is pulled into a different kind of hell. Just don’t tell the call center, they haven’t noticed yet and their productivity is through the roof."

Overall, this is a fun series that can be completed in less than ten hours for the first five chapters. The additional three make the full series $40 for roughly fifteen hours of entertainment. Minecraft fans and adventure gamers are bound to enjoy this game, but I’d recommend waiting for a sale because of how short the chapters are.

So, Anode is using as an influence the structure of the most famous game of all time, and creating a whole new twist on the way it’s played. But will it make me dream once again of multi-coloured blocks?

Gamer Wares provides an in-depth review of the X Rocker 51396 gaming chair. The review reveals how the chair performs in terms of comfort, audio, and more.

"The game, it seems, is a disappointment at best and an egregious oversell otherwise. Or, you know, a lie; the gory specifics and consequences of which now more densely populate the internet than does anything, apparently, No Man’s Sky itself."

This edition of Memorable Music in gaming comes pretty full circle in a lot of ways. One of our earliest editions was back in March of 2016, when Nick was getting all ramped up for the release of Final Fantasy X, and he picked favorite songs from that particular game. We revisit Final Fantasy X with one of those tunes here, but also pull from the rich collection of Final Fantasy games to reflect on other favorites from the series.

This post is dedicated to League of Legends players who are looking to become a better ADC carry. Today we will be focusing on two main areas, team fight positioning and laning phase positioning.

If all the stuff coming out of Gamescom hasn’t got you excited enough, then maybe another new trailer for Mafia III will help tip you over the edge.

There is no doubt that Just Cause 3 has made it onto my list of the best games on Xbox One – the sheer freedom and fun to be had while exploring the world of Medici is second to none.

My kingdom, my kingdom for a hearse! Seriously, there are a lot of dead guys that need to be carried to the graveyard, and I don’t have the plague carts from Monty Python.

"Love it, hate it, or wake up screaming in a cold sweat in the middle of the night, there's no denying the impact that From Software's Souls series has had in the recent years. Harebrained Schemes, makers of Shadowrun Returns / DragonFall / Hong Kong, have managed to not only pay homage to this other series but have also created something that stands on its own playing closer attention to the Roguelike lineage than a custom one. Starting off with nothing but a crappy sword and shield, the Necr..."

"If you’re not sure what Steep is, think of dropping into the Alps and Alaska where the whole place is open to explore via snowboarding, paragliding, skiing and wingsuit flying."

"Little Nightmares, developed by Tarsier Studios, has already been nominated for Best Indie Game, but what can we expect from it when it releases on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC?"

Imagine waking up in an abandoned asylum with just a single memory that explains nothing about your current predicament… now stop imagining, and prepare to be thrown into that exact situation for GET EVEN.

Each week EA Sports creates a FIFA Ultimate Team Team of the Week (TOTW) based on players in the real world that are in form for that week. Is there anyone you’d fancy in your team?

It’s an unbelievably good feeling when you and your mates absolutely trounce the opposing team. That feeling of your squad being a well-oiled and organised, ass-kicking machine helps take gaming to the next level.