"Rockstar encrypting the files in GTA V for PC is possibly starting to make sense. The company has been extremely secretive about the PC release of the title and very secure with what access PC gamers have to the files… that is, until the RAGE Team got a hold of GTA V and cracked it open like a farmer splitting a walnut during a hazy summer night on a rickety old porch. What the modders found inside seems to hint at why Rockstar has the PC files on lockdown."

"The RAGE Team has brought gamers the latest release of OpenIV 2.5 for Grand Theft Auto V on PC. The newest version of OpenIV enables modders, tinkerers, designers, artists and enthusiasts alike to open up GTA V and look into the guts and digital viscera that makes up for the composition of Rockstar's highly lauded open-world action game."

With the Project CARS release date confirmed for May 8, now is a great time to indulge in some gameplay goodness. This is a comparison video of Project CARS vs real-life footage (why does real-life always win?).

Not long after we all found out that Project CARS ‘went gold’, publishers Bandai Namco UK have just confirmed via twitter that the much-anticipated racer from Slightly Mad Studios will officially release on May 8.

Hot on the heels of the recent Shanghai track reveal, Sector 3 Studios have now released a fresh batch of screenshots showing a preview of the Austrian Salzburgring track, coming to RaceRoom Racing Experience soon.

Slightly Mad Studios designer and creative director Andy Tudor recently gave fans a hint that is probably confirmation of Project CARS going gold.

Tudor simply tweeted “ffd700″ nothing more, nothing less, This is hexadecimal code for the colour gold.

"Enter Nevermind, a game by Flying Mollusk that promises to not only frighten players with its psychological horror bent, but possibly serve as a tool to help players manage anxiety and stress. I had the chance to chat with Erin Reynolds, Creative Director at Flying Mollusk about Nevermind as both a game and a tool."

"Well that was fast. Following closely on the news that modders cracked open Grand Theft Auto V, a new trainer was recently released for the game featuring cheat options that include infinite health, infinite ammo, no reload and infinite money for Franklin, Trevor and Michael in the single-player portion of the game. It should go without saying that if you decide to use the trainer, use it at your own risk."

Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto V has recently released on PC and the game has already managed to sell a million copies within 24 hours and maintain 300,000 concurrent users during the peak playing hours.

"Recently, I started playing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and I’m loving everything about it so far. I started out with the free trial, and I’ve since purchased the full game with plans to resub once my 30 days are up.

I haven’t been paying much attention to the game until now, but I realized that an expansion is about to drop. I’m sure you already know that, but in case you don’t I’m talking about Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. The expansion is set to launch on Tuesday, June 23, 2015..."

Etherium is the new, futuristic real-time strategy game developed by Tindalos Interactive. They took some risk to bring you some significant innovations, but are the growing pains worth it? Click to see my review on Etherium.

Join John, Erik and Nathanael this week where they talk Tower of Guns, Minecraft, GTA 5, Destiny, Lego, Black Ops 3, external hard drives for 360, community game night and more!

Here is a sound comparison video featuring two games that are rarely compared to one another – Driveclub vs Need for Speed: Rivals. Click the link below to watch the video.

Project CARS developer, Slightly Mad Studios, have just confirmed, through their FAQ section on their site, that their racer will run at 1080p resolution on the Playstation 4 and 900p on the Xbox One.

Police 1013 is a AAA open-world police simulator game that is currently in development by Wingman Games.

The Wingman team are “hoping” for the alpha to be available on PC sometime in 2016.

"Imagine you have a plate called Unreal Engine 4. Imagine on this plate is a steak called S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Now imagine that you have a side order of mashed potatoes called DayZ or H1Z1. And if you can, take that imagination just a step further and picture some sort of vegetable called Defiance. This entire dinner course — if it had a name — would probably be called a steak dinner, but in the world of software game development it’s called Pangaea: New World."

Mortal Kombat X is now out and in our hands, but can we excuse the fact that another Triple A title has micro-transactions? Find out what Dom thinks in this latest edition of VGU Talks.

These Dominion champions are ones you will rarely see anybody playing and when they are in a game, they generally get owned. If you manage to dominate as one of THESE champions then you know it is through sheer skill (and maybe a little luck) and not because the champ is OP or broken.

GG3 writes: "In a recent update, developer Edmund McMillen revealed some more information on The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth’s planned Afterbirth expansion. For instance, there will be more music, but also new features involved."

Project CARS isn’t all about racing around circuits, there are several street tracks in the game which switches the action up nicely.

Racing at the Azure track at night in Project CARS for example, has to be one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in a racing game.

SmuggleCraft, a quest-based hovercraft game by developers Happy Badger Studios has recently appeared on Steam’s Greenlight programme. Click the link below for more.

"A new game is scheduled to arrive on Steam on April 24th, next week. It’s a hand-drawn game and by hand-drawn I mean a game unlike anything you’ve seen since maybe Scribblenauts. Even then, it’s even more hand-drawn than Scribblenauts… I’m talking crayon-drawn RPG platforming. Oh yeah, it goes there and it goes there real good."

There's not much of a back story in The Escapists. Little explanation is given as to why you start off in a minimal security prison, but you're there and it's your goal to break out. While you could have been a fairly decent person before entering prison, in order to leave you'll have to break lots of rules, disrespect authority figures and possibly stab some people in the back both figuratively and literally. Don't let the simple 2D sprite graphics style of this game fool you, it's a pret...

Project CARS’ career mode allows you to participate in any tier of racing you choose. I think it’s fair to say a lot of people will be bypassing the entry level karting championships, however those that do will be missing out on some crazy fast racing action.

The development team at iRacing have just released the first ever render of the Aston Martin DBR9 GT1 car. The screenshot shows off what is effectively a clay model version of the 2008 spec racer.