Like many bullet “heck” games you have to dodge the many bullets that are making a beeline towards your ship. The bullets vary in speed, shape, and size. Like the enemies, they move in time with the pumping dubstep music in the background. The bullets and enemies can brush against your ship, but a health heart will be removed if they touch your tiny hit-zone.

Here's an in-depth guide to Battleborn's Ambra. In this guide we discuss the background of the character, her weaponry, the faction she pledges allegiance to, her basic abilities, all of the skills found within her Helix, and much, much more.

Made by much of the same team that created the excellent Sins of a Solar Empire, Stardock is back once again with a cutting edge Real Time Strategy (RTS) game, Ashes of the Singularity. Here, rather than epic 3D space battles, we have a much more traditional RTS game. It not only has some of the most detailed units I have seen, but with a literally unlimited unit count, it can lead to some truly epic battles.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is one of our most anticipated releases of 2016 and if you’ve played previous Deus Ex titles, then you should be just as excited as we are. However, with the release of Mankind Divided still a while away – courtesy of its delay earlier this year – news about the franchise has been in short supply and I’m sure I speak for most of the series’ fans when I say that we’re well overdue for a fix.

The last time I did anything that included Party and Hard in the description was back in 2001. It was after a long day drinking, when I woke up in in a toilet cubicle and convinced myself I could speak fluent German. I was in Berlin at the time and I tried my new found skill out on nearby Germans with very little success.

Indie game development and crowdfunding keep growing, as developers understand the expectations of their campaigns more and the public becomes more critical we all grow and benefit. Today Studio MONO is taking Insomnia back to Kickstarter, after a $92,000 campaign and £100,000 on their end they need to raise additional capital to support what they anticipate are four additional months of development to reach the end of their current journey.

If that happens we'll have to see, the team alr...

Leading up to the release of Master X Master, we were able to get our hands on some of the new characters in the game. We talk about what they bring to the table in term of move set as well as discuss their likeliness.

Each week EA Sports creates a FIFA Ultimate Team Team of the Week (TOTW) based on players in the real world that are in form for that week. This week it features Eden Hazard and Gareth Bale!

This weeks instalment of the VGU Podcast has us discuss recent Betas, a streamers comments during a livestream and a big talk on the PlayStation Neo. We also talk about what games we have been playing this week which results in a short nostalgia trip back to the PS2 era.

With EA, DICE and Faith herself pinning sales hopes on the recent closed beta, should we be looking forward to picking up Catalyst in just a few short weeks? Or has the latest beta killed all enthusiasm for the full product like another recent showcase did? *cough* Homefront *cough*

Available as a digital download for £54.99 (or with a 10% discount to EA Access members), EA have obviously decided they need to push the game a little more. A new free trial, bringing ten hours of play to all, is quite possibly the best way of doing that!

With the game due to release in a little over three weeks time from the 17th May 2016, Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios have decided now is the time to build the hype just that little bit more by releasing the intro to the game.

Honestly while going through and playing with a variety of characters to try out different classes and see how things progress it was hard to believe at times that this was an Early Access title still in its Alpha stages. As it stand I’m not overly sure what could be truly added to make things better other than perhaps optimizations, balancing, and other extras such as perhaps playing different races? Regardless of how Soldak Entertainment decides to move forward on this one I’m already hooked.

"Dark Souls III - Abyss Watchers

Something about this song just grabbed onto me as soon as I heard it. The action is incredibly frantic in this fight as you have to manage attacks from multiple sides. The dark interior, littered with rubble and accented by the flickering orange candles in the background. The music itself, starting with slow tones and a ringing bell set the stage for a hauntingly beautiful song that stuck with me longer after the fight itself had concluded."

The American hard rockers don’t have a huge back catalogue behind them, and don’t have years of songs to pick from, but the three songs that have now been added to the Rocksmith 2014 library should be a welcome addition for those looking to learn some new tunes.

Available right now, Michonne – Episode 3: What We Deserve, concludes the latest episodic adventure by Telltale Games. After a fairly decent opening couple of chapters (you can check out our reviews of Episode 1 and Episode 2 right here), chances are the mini-series will end brilliantly. In fact, with the rich history of Telltale’s storytelling behind it, we’d be surprised if it didn’t!

The acclaimed reimagining of the classic King’s Quest game has now got itself another chapter. If you’ve welcomed in the first two episodes of King’s Quest, then there is little chance you can ignore Chapter 3: Once Upon A Climb.

Kickstarter is getting a little shaken up today, Adrian Carmack and John Romero are announcing their new FPS title, BLACKROOM. A FPS game with a goal of throwing back to old gameplay mechanics with fast movement, rocket jumps, exploration and intense combat for everyone that had a hunger for a run and gun experience.

The team pitches circle-strafe counter-offensive movements and rocket jumping around to control the tide of the fight offline or online while also taking in input from the com...

Paragon fans, if you've signed up over the past months to check out the free weekend beta experiences there's good news out there. The first stress test weekend is this Thursday and rolls on through Sunday, there should be an email rolling around, if you haven't signed up there might be slots left but there's no guarantee at this point.

For those joining in it's going to be a double xp weekend to help get everyone into the game and ease the hit of those disconnects and matchmaking wait tim...

Team GrisGris has their popular horror adventure Corpse Party on the PC today, thanks to XSEED Games players can experience the Japanese build known as Corpse Party: BloodCovered which includes bonus chapters, multiple endings and new features not seen in the PSP or 3DS releases. In addition to this collection we see the "Tooth" story from Book of Shadows retold with new content and strung in to match the play style of this build.

For the completionists in the crowd, a fast-forward option ...

While gaming is the cornerstone of Steam, the company has actively pursued new relations to tackle software and digital media. Today Valve and Lionsgate have announced their partnership to push over 100 films from the Lionsgate vault to steam for digital rental. Rentals are viewable for 48-hours within a 30 day period.

Given the growth of steam not only as a management platform for games but as a dedicated OS and hardware system for gamers to put in their living room it's not entirely shoc...

Bethesda has sounded the horn, darkness is coming to the PC, Xbox One and PS4 as the Dark Brotherhood comes to ESO on May 31st for PC and June 14th on consoles. For those on ESO Plus the jump into darkness comes as part of the plan, for others it's available for 2,000 crowns through the ESO store.

Players will have a new source of tension in Tamriel, the guild of assassins make a prescence in the world and the Gold Coast returns to the field, a player zone unseen since the days of Oblivion...

Sassybot have today released the launch trailer and announced the release date for their upcoming narrative game, Fragments of Him – and you won’t have to wait very long at all.

Sequel to one of the most entertaining shooting franchises in recent memory, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 is developed by Vancouver’s PopCap. Taking the franchise to all new heights, Popcap builds upon the over the top humour that made Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare so fun to play.

Containing six new character classes, an all-new Solo Player mode, 12 new maps, the ability to import your characters from the first game, a new 24-player Herbal Assault mode, and a whole new slew of m...

Venture through a twisted world full of terrifying beasts, devious traps, and hidden secrets in Dark Souls III, built exclusively for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You'll journey across dark landscapes, face unrelenting challenges, and delve deep into RPG gameplay as you try to find a way to survive in the face of colossal enemies. Come find out why Dark Souls III is the game fans have been waiting for.