This title offers a lot of puzzles for the money and is a great value for casual gamers of any age. The price is a reasonable $4.99 for the mobile or PC version. If you play on the go, I recommend getting the mobile version.

It’s been a couple stressful days since Kotaku reported on sources which told them that No Man’s Sky would be delayed. Of course, no one wanted to believe it, but today Sony confirmed with Kotaku and also changed the release date on the store’s official page for the game to an August 9th release date. No Man’s Sky was originally intended to be released on June 21st, right after E3 week. The delay pushes it back seven weeks from its original release date and closer to the end of the summer.

Releasing on Xbox One, PS4 and PC later this summer, F1 2016 will feature a new career mode that will take you deeper than ever before into the world's most glamorous, exciting and prestigious motorsport - both on and off the track.

Avalon Lords: Dawn Rises is clearly an indie title as evidenced by its nice music and visuals that are pleasant, but obviously not AAA. More important will be finding a good balance of modes and things to do. I think the title has a great deal of potential, but there is clearly a ways to go before it is ready to come off of the Early Access program. That being said, the developers have shown every indication that they will be active with the title and that is a great sign going forward for st...

Whether we were playing The Division or Dark Souls III on Xbox One, Tales of Zestiria or Lords of the Fallen on PlayStation 4, listening to audiobooks on my iPhone 6s, or listening to music while toiling away at the office, the Cloud Revolver excelled no matter what was thrown at them. Comfortable even after long hours of use, incredible audio quality, regardless of source, while still being affordable (depending on sales, you can grab them for around $120-$150 USD). With the only real drawba...

Cosplayer Haylee Elise and photographer What A Big Camera made this awesome piece of art using the white background to emulate some of the concept art for Cammy from SSFIV.
Cammy is one of the most popular characters in the Street Fighter franchise. In 2008, she won Capcom's official poll "Which character do fans most want in SFIV?". She was given the "Hottest Game Babe of 1993" award by Electronic Gaming Monthly and has since then become a popular subject of cosplay.

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Season Pass will ensure players get treated to a whole host of new game levels, story driven content and new characters. Featuring three new Level Packs that extend the adventure, each pack will allow you to experience key events from the film in different ways.

Green Lava Studios and Reverb Triple XP have today confirmed that the adrenaline-laced Fenix Furia will be arriving on both the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 come June 8th 2016.

Given the chance to utilise the power of the L.E.A.F. Suit, you’ll find yourself granted with incredible speed, stunning agility and the power to not only kill, but also revive the dead!

BigBen and Kylotonn Racing Games have today announced that WRC 6, the official 2016 video game of the FIA World Rally Championships will be coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Postal is a name that brings back memories of a gore soaked FPS game from the 1990s. Postal Redux is an interesting take on the series. Join Erik from The Gamers Lounge as he reviews this game and asks, does this live up to the Postal legacy?

Despite some technical issues and nobody to play online against, my experience with Pang Adventures has been a positive one. The $9.99 asking price is reasonable, but I only recommend getting it if you have people nearby or on your Steam friend list to play with. It’s a cute game that’s suitable for gamers of all ages as long as you don’t mind shooting bubbles or aliens in their eyes.

The Turtles are back and we’ve gone hands on in their quest to defeat the Foot and banish Shredder forever more. Want to check out some of the gameplay found in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan on Xbox One?

Doom has gone down an unusual road over the past few years. While the latest iteration of the game, looks to me like it will be great, there is still a massive amount of criticism against it. Doom is a very difficult game to make in a modern day. Game standards have risen considerably over the past few years, and nostalgia has been a curse to any developer attempting to recreate a classic game in a modern day. We always remember games being better than they were and will hold a special fondne...

Available to download right this instant, Overwatch: Origins Edition will set you back £54.99, but it’ll bring an experience that promises to unleash a whole ton of mad powers and powerful weapons as the ultimate team based arena takes hold.

Due to arrive on Xbox One, PS4 and PC later this year, the premise of Overcooked is a bit of a strange one. The Onion Kingdom is in danger and only the finest cooking can save it!

With the launch of Catalyst just around the corner, EA have today released a new trailer for the game and it gives you a great taste of Faith’s origin story and why you really should be among the first to experience the rooftops and the free running adrenaline rush that is brings.

"Everyone has some fond memories of Duke Nukem, whether it be during his early PC outings or his most famous adventure on the N64. Those who don’t have fond memories are the poor bastards that got stuck playing Duke Nukem Forever, where Duke should have been put out to pasture."

"As the release date for Umbrella Corps lumbers towards us like the undead, survival horror enthusiasts may be wondering what is in store for them with this title. Capcom, being the good guys they are, have released some more details about the upcoming title."

Selenon Rising begins with a famous quote from Arthur C. Clarke: “Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in this universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.” This four-part visual novel revolves around the second option. The Selenon are an alien race that have taken control of Earth and prohibit the use of modern technology. With oppression comes opposition and there is a group called the New Moon Resistance that wants to take back control from this powerful alien threat.

For every problem I had, I loved Far Harbor‘s stories and characters enough to find forgiveness. The intricacies and nuance that could be found in isolating a conflict on a remote island proved fruitful, demonstrating the powerful themes and motifs that Fallout 4 already firmly established.

Available to download today on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and PC the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, will be taking the fight to Shredder once again as they show off and utilise a number of new combat skills and super powerful team combos whilst trying to save Manhattan from the dark forces.

It’s Tuesday yet again and that means all Rocksmith 2014 players are being treated to more downloadable content…as if the Xbox and Playstation music library wasn’t big enough already!

Celebrating an historic moment in multiplayer gaming, the arrival of cross-network play between Xbox One and PC will ensure that the 2 million Xbox One players will now be taking to the field against a whole host of new opponents.

Four Circle Interactive and Curve Digital have today confirmed the release date for their insane action platformer, 10 Second Ninja X…you’re just a matter of weeks away from absolute madness.