Lethal VR puts you in the role of a police recruit, where you must improve your sharpshooting and knife throwing skills. You have to hit the various kinds of enemies, while avoiding all civilians. There are also other skill tests where you hit non-human targets of several kinds. A few levels even have you using multiple weapon types, where you have to hit each target with its matching weapon.

All my life, I've wanted nothing more than a proper successor to System
Shock 2. Bioshock was always way too easy, even on the hardest setting. 
Dead Space relied on jump scares and didn't create the necessary level of
existential dread. Hell, even Amnesia was just Myst on a very bad drug
trip. There hasn't been a game that blends claustrophobia, outright horror,
desperate combat, and the feeling that something is terribly, terribly
wrong in the same way as Looking Glass Games' cla...

There is something about stubborn-headed Orc-slaying and having an affinity
for beard growing that I find respectable. This craving is certainly filled
with this game, even with its many glaring flaws. It helps that the game is
based off a book of the same name, so the narrative is already defined for
the developers to adapt.

Colt Express is has arrived on iOS, Android and Steam. Developed and published by Asmodee Digital and Frima Studio’s, this award winning board game has finally gone digital. The digital version of Colt Express brings players many of the beloved features from the original with some nice additions. It joins a steadily increasing catalogue of Asmodee Digital games

Zeds to the left of me, Zeds to the right and here I am stuck in the middle with… where did everyone go? Successor to the multiplayer-centric Killing Floor, Killing Floor 2 has just released from its Early Access for party based mayhem which will see anywhere from one to six players join forces in order to survive the onslaught of genetic abominations as they come at the survivors in waves. Quick disclaimer that if you are looking for a single player and narrative experience? You won’t find i...

Overall, Just Dance 2017 is a solid entry to the series and offers plenty of new content to justify its purchase. While the unlimited mode provides more content and features, I wish the game wouldn’t nag you about not using it. Like all previous games in the series, there are some questionable lyrics and dance moves. If you don’t mind some skin shown and twerking there’s plenty of fun to be had and calories to be burned by playing this game.

This week it is just Nevi and George, so they’ve decided to go off the rails and have some board game chatter. They also discuss which video games would make good TV series, if any. George also talks about the indie game Beholder where he plays a landlord who must report on his tenants to a shadowy government – scary stuff. I’ve just realised that I’ve written this out backwards to the actual events, but your clever people so you’ll figure it out.

Bonus point to people who can hear my budg...

If you’re a fan of a good snowboarding game, then no doubt you will be intrigued by Ubisoft’s new release Steep which is out next month. This is the first snow sports game to be released by the developers, so you’ll want to know what to expect. Previously, game developers EA were churning out snowboard titles in a typical fun arcade style with the popular title SSX. So how will Steep measure up to the well-loved play style of SSX?

The holiday buzz is in the air, which for most of us means a lot of thinking about what gifts to get the ones we love. If you have a gamer on your holiday shopping list and need help on gift ideas, I’ve got a list of some of my favourite games this year to help you out. You’ll find a whole slew of great games that any gamer would be happy to get this holiday season.

Player movement in video games seems is an aspect that is often taken for granted or not much thought about. Games so often limit how you move through them; insurmountable knee-high walls or invisible force fields dictating what you can access. Movement often not really a “feature” and just a tool the player takes for granted; walking/sprinting through most first person shooters is identical. It’s not their fault, they’re just simulating walking and running, which aren’t the most exciting ac...

Destination Ares is a short but unforgiving resource management simulator. The player acts as the AI for a spaceship tasked with maintaining the happiness and healthiness of its inhabitants. As the crew attempt to escape a futuristic Earth, in favour of Ares, their chosen colonisation world.

"Similar to the experience I had with the DLC for past Bioshock games, I owned Bioshock Infinite, but never got around to buying the DLC for this game. Out of all the games in the Bioshock Collection, the Burial at Sea DLC was the one I was most excited about. Unfortunately, this DLC was a major let down for me, especially after discovering how amazing Minervas Den was."

Tyranny has been on my radar for quite some time now. See, I rabidly follow Paradox as they publish some of my favorite games (Sengoku, Pillars of Eternity, Crusader Kings, Cities: Skylines, to name a few) so when they started sending out news about Obsidian's Tyranny I was both excited and a bit concerned. See, it is not often that a game can really hold true to casting you into the shoes of the "bad guy" without falling into the atypical hero fantasy; most games that follow a similar concep...

On this episode on The Gamers Lounge Podcast: Dark Souls 2, Battlefield 1, Planet Coaster, Steep Open Beta, Rocket League, House of the Dead Overkill, PS4 Pro, NES Classic, Main Brain TV, Lucid Sound LS20 Gaming Headset, Super Mario Run, the Nintendo Switch and more!

There’s not much of a story in Demon Truck other than you glorifying Satan by dispatching any obstacle or vehicle that gets between your fearsome truck and the Next Hell. To make things interesting, your truck has a mind of its own and steers itself. All you can do is ram into objects with temporary invincibility and shoot down enemies and bosses that get in your way.

Xanadu Next is an RPG from over a decade ago that released on PCs and the N-Gage over in Japan while only now seeing a worldwide localized release. While it shows its age a bit in regards to graphics and character designs (which gives it an awesome retro feel by today’s standards), it was interesting to try something different from Nihon Falcom which is known for both the Ys series and the Legend of Heroes (Trails in the Sky and of Trails of Cold Steel).

This week Nevi is joined Harrison and Mike. The discussion quickly goes from Total War to how Nevi committed accidental genocide in Cities Skylines. But don’t worry it isn’t all death and destruction, there is also some talk about the PS4 Pro and what that’s all about. Finally we end this episode with a tricky round of The Dungeon with both choices being equally deplorable. Thanks for listening!

So I recently moved home into a new flat and have recently been told we won’t have internet installed until the New Year, at the earliest. This has really knocked me back as I’ve been really into online games and being able to download any game I wanted to play without any issue. Now I’m limited to a very small library of games to play (I don’t commonly play single player games). Looking at the games I have to play, I have to think of how long these games will take me to play and how well it...

Steve Jackson's Sorcery! is a classic set of adventure books from the 80's that, over the course of the past three years, have made their way into an interactive "port" onto iOS, Steam, and Google Play stores. Ryan Johnson at The Gamer's Lounge has been with the series since the beginning, and give his opinion of the crown jewel of the series.

Anyone who enjoys adventure games should check out the latest King’s Quest series. If you don’t like tricky puzzles or riddles, then you may want to skip this one. In the event that you do get stuck, there are plenty of walkthroughs and videos available to help. Overall this series has made me groan at its silly puns and got me choked up in the final chapter. It’s a must play for any King’s Quest fan and a great way to induct new ones!

"I’ve owned a ton of consoles over the years, my last being the Xbox 360 and the PS3. I totally understand the values of owning consoles, and I contemplate leaving the PC party whenever I look at the prices of graphics card upgrades.

What I’m trying to say is, I’m neutral. Sort of."

It has been a few weeks since my last Beeps and Beers post - largely because we have been in 'busy season'. So many games come out in the fall and it can be tough to keep our heads above water as we try to follow all of the news and review as many games in a timely fashion as possible. One of those titles that slipped by us without a review was Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, but I have spent a good deal of time playing it on nights where I decided sleep was optional. Fall has arrived in force h...

This edition of Memorable Music in Gaming has a very PC-heavy slant. Including one title that shows up twice with different songs.

Hotline Miami (PC) - Silver Lights

It's no secret that Hotline Miami has one of the greatest soundtracks in recent video gaming history. Fueled by legendary names of the so-called "synthwave" genre - Perturbator, MOON, Hydrogen, to name but just a few - the OST is one of the best encapsulations of the 80's aesthetics.

SENRAN KAGURA Bon Appétit! - Full Course is part of a rather interesting world that usually features fighting games, but this spin-off of the series is a rhythm based title. I honestly had no idea what to expect here, as variant games like this can be incredibly hit and miss, but I'm happy to say that my time spent with this one was enjoyable more often than not.

I am personally somewhat hit and miss on the real-time strategy genre, but one subset favorite of mine has been tower defense. Siegecraft Commander shifts things around a bit, creating a blur that is something more than tower defense yet not entirely what you would expect from RTS titles either. The current results are incredibly promising for fans of either genre.