A preview of the upcoming PSP game Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time. It is a RPG that blends tactical RPG and real time strategy elements. Wayfarer of Time will be available as both a physical UMD and as a download on the PSN for the PSP and PSVita.

Players are put into the role of a mercenary who is the key to defeating the angels, at least according to his group's captain after they witness one appearing. The protagonist's name is freely entered by players, although other areas such as his appearance and gender are set. Wayfarer of Time is stated to contain over forty possible ending scenes, depending on the player's choices and character relationships. Character relationships also have a chance of influencing key events and may decide whether a certain character lives or dies in that playthrough. Interactions with characters have a lot of dating-sim elements to them, including a holiday system where the protagonist can spend his rest time with comrades. Players will be able to keep an eye on how their relationship with a character is progressing by how happy that character's portrait appears.
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