Ride can be a fun and challenging game if you are willing to look past a few of it’s annoyances which become pretty obvious even after a very short time with the game.

Milestone have just announced that their two wheeled racer has just suffered a last-minute delay.

Although the PC version is available right now on Steam, the console versions (Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360) will now officially launch on April 10 in Europe.

"A lot of gamers (including myself) were very leery about Erron Black, the mysterious gunslinger from the upcoming Mortal Kombat X. Well, with the release date for the game drawing ever-so-near for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC, NetherRealm unveiled a couple of new trailers featuring the gunslinger in action and this guy is wickedly entertaining with some pure badass combos."

"Cinelinx: "While Kojima himself hasn’t stated too much, the idea that he is leaving Konami seems like it is all set in stone. With that send-off, it is important to look at why this is such a big deal and why fans are shocked by such an announcement. Hideo Kojima is one of my biggest inspirations as a writer of my own projects, and a big reason I continue to write, so him leaving is very impactful to me, but is it the end? For that answer I think we need to look at the very beginning….""

Milestone have just unveiled MotoGP 15 via a brand new trailer. The two-wheeled racer will be coming to Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC platforms in Spring this year.

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The Car Manufacturer Renault have just produced a video which celebrates their Alpine Vision Gran Turismo car.

The Alpine Vision GT car came to Gran Turismo 6 via the game’s 1.17 update last week and can be obtained for free by completing a lap in its own purpose built Seasonal Event.

Milestone have released a new trailer which shows off one of the two Yamaha DLC packs which can be obtained by pre-ordering RIDE.

The video above shows the three bikes included in the Yamaha 2015 DLC Pack which includes the YZF-R1, the YZF-R1M and the YZF-R6.

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Milestone have recently released a new trailer for their upcoming two-wheeled racer RIDE which is due out in just a matter of days now.

The new trailer entitled “Modern Superbikes” shows us up-close shots of RIDE’s many superbikes with narration which explains the thrill of riding these machines.

"Monolith Productions’ Nemesis System is the newest invention in open-world gaming, but why should it stop in Middle-earth when there are super villains to bag and Templars to assassinate? Shadow of Mordor shouldn’t be the one game to rule it all. From Batman to Assassin’s Creed, plenty of game worlds could benefit from making your enemies one of a kind. Here’s five game series that need the Nemesis system, or at the very least, could learn a thing or two from."

Nissan Australia have confirmed that the GT Academy competition will be returning to Australia this year. So far no date has yet been confirmed for the event.

The GT Academy competition will be hosted via the Gran Turismo 6 title on the PlayStation 3 console.

"One of the threads in the Game Journo Pros private e-mail discussion group between media journalists, press representatives and website owners for tech and gaming websites was talk surrounding the review scores on Metacritic costing Bungie $2.5 million in the bonuses they were promised if they hit a certain Metacritic average for the 2014 release of the game Destiny. The discussion centered around Metacritic review culture and the power reviewers (and their scores) have on costing developers ..."

“Atlas Mugged” is the latest episode of Tales from the Borderlands. It crafts a superb story from witty dialogue, perfect pacing and character development.

The Awakened Fate Ultimatum is a rogue-like game that plays in the same style of the popular Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series. A direct sequel to The Guided Fate Paradox by the same team at Nippon Ichi Software, The Awakened Fate Ultimatum is a game that, while being in the same genre, changes up the gameplay quite a bit from the first one.

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It’s true to say that so far most Xbox One games have struggled to hit the lofty heights of the magical 1080p resolution. Microsoft have continually released updates here and there to enable games to hit the benchmark figure.

The latest game to benefit from these updates is RIDE. The game was already confirmed to run at 1080p for the Playstation 4 but only 900p on the Xbox One.

Here is some PC gameplay footage of the RIDE demo that launched recently for the Playstation 4 and PC in Europe only (with the Xbox One demo coming shortly).

"I don’t know if it could be considered official or not, but the Predator from the movie series Predator has been listed as one of the four DLC characters for Mortal Kombat X. It was revealed on the game’s official description page on the Xbox Live store."

"One of the GTA V online heists is the Humane Labs Raid. It’s a rank 12 heist with five different parts. It’s not an easy as you might be thinking so you’ll need to hunker down and utilize some serious teamwork to get through each segment."

"There are a ton of new videos stripped down from the latest live-stream for Mortal Kombat X, detailing Kung Jin’s three different fighting variations, the all new Quitalities, some more of the Fatalities, and a first look at the fight modifiers in the Test Your Luck Mode. That’s all in addition to even more blood-and-bone fighting that makes Mortal Kombat X one of the most highly anticipated releases this spring."

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Milestone, developers of RIDE, an upcoming motorbike racer, have just announced that, starting today, a demo will be available to play on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Playstation3 and PC platforms.