Here is Milestone’s latest trailer (yes, another trailer!) for their upcoming motorcycle racer RIDE.

This trailer is dedicated to the Aprilia RSV4 R ABS, which has a maximum power output of 184 Bhp @12,500 rpm from its 999.6cc engine. It has maximum torque of 117Nm @ 10,000 rpm and weighs a very low 179Kg.

The gang's all here for the final episode of the year. This week we talk about our favorite games we played this year, Assassins Creed, Far Cry 4, Dragon Age, Little Big Planet, Destiny, Amiibo's and more!

With the next generation of wrestling games available for the world, how does WWE 2K15 stand up to its predicessors as 2K Games' second title in the franchise?

Gran Turismo 6’s 1.15 update has just been released and weighs in at 589MB. The update brings with it two Vision GT cars: the Infiniti Concept (shown in the video) and the Chaparral 2X.

Above is Milestone’s latest trailer for their upcoming motorcycle racer RIDE.

This trailer shows off the MV Agusta Brutale 1090 R, which has a maximum power output of 158 Bhp @11,900 rpm from its 1,078cc engine. It has maximum torque of 100Nm @ 10,100 rpm and weighs just 183Kg.

Its finally here, Rockstar Games just released the Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Heists Trailer. In an interview with IGN, GTA Online producer Imran Sarwar gave a very honest reason for why the sought after online mode had been delayed for as long as it had: "To be honest, they just turned out to be a lot more difficult than we originally thought.And, unsurprisingly, Sarwar states that the creation of the next-gen and PC versions of the game, which would feature drastic improvements including hig...

Jordan from Cinelinx breaks down his five favorite video games from 2014, as part of a countdown to their Game of the Year awards on the site, and to show you what games you should definitely check out before the year is over completely!

Are you a noob to CoD: Advanced Warfare? Learn about all of the new mechanics of the game plus get some helpful pointers that'll help you adjust to the new playstyle, earn more kills, keep a positive kill-to-death ratio, and more.

Looking to master the sniper rifle in CoD: Advanced Warfare? This guide provides tips and tricks for learning how to quickscope, a popular technique in the Call of Duty community that involves barely lifting your scope and popping off enemies in one quick blast.

An in-depth look at all over the special maneuvers you can execute thanks to your Exosuit in the recently released FPS, CoD: Advanced Warfare. Covers all of the brand new moves you can do in-game.

Syberia is a decade-old PC point-and-click game that hit well on PC for it's engaging storyline. It has since spawned a second game in the series, and a third reportedly comes out next year. Potentially to increase knowledge of the series in time for the new release, Syberia has been ported to the PlayStation 3, giving a new user base a chance to experience this unique adventure.

Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord ended up being absolutely nothing like what I expected going in. We have a very richly detailed and interesting world, with lovable characters, buttressed by a solid SRPG gaming experience, filled with mature and difficult philosophical and theological questions that are not for anyone who is not theologically grounded.

Infiniti have recently teased their Vision Gran Turismo entry with two images as shown on this page.

Specifics on the Infiniti Vision GT car are non-existent at the moment so you’ll just have to imagine what lies beneath the bonnet.

A few days ago a new update was released for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. It appears the 2 gb update was to prepare players for the “Lord of the Hunt”, which is scheduled to drop soon.

Denis Murphy writes- One of my favourite games of all time is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Bioware's 2003 Star Wars title that focused on the era 4000 years before the original film trilogy. It was superb and gave the player a fantastic, in-depth RPG set in the Star Wars universe. From the Wookie home-world of Kashyyyk to the desert planet of Tatooine, the game was and still is the perfect Star Wars game.

Denis Murphy writes- A few years ago I got a chance to meet two developers from Media Molecule, the guys who made LittleBigPlanet. I loved the game when it first came out, so meeting them was a real treat. I was there to interview them, and though it was well before the release of LittleBigPlanet 2, I got the strong feeling that they wanted to move onto something new, and basically something that wasn't LittleBigPlanet.

This week we get the band back together to talk Playstation Experience, Destiny, Dragon Age, the Game Awards, Far Cry 4, SSM, Ralph Baer and more! Subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher Radio!

December 6th 2014 was Sony's first ever event for fans, the Playstation Experience. This is Sony's very own annual E3 like event where fans can come and check out the latest and upcoming games for the Playstation family of systems. Jeremy Fisher breaks down the some of highlights from Sony's Playstation Experience Keynote.

The new generation of gaming innovations that will finally bring your gaming experience to the next level.

The new innovations for the gaming world:

The gaming world was waiting for the new generation of game innovations that will bring their gaming experience to the next level. Stallios inc, worked for many years to bring many new innovations to the gaming world to help them have a more powerful & exiting gaming experience via their new powerful science fiction game, Xanxillium. Those...

"Since the PS4’s release subscribers have been ‘subjected’ to a wide variety of high quality indie games on a monthly basis through PlayStation Plus. Despite their diversity and high quality the fact remains there is still an audience that sees no value in such games. Players did not sign up to an indie game subscription service, and Sony need to recognise that sooner rather than later."

It's hard to believe that Christmas is already just around the corner and many people are probably still looking to buy gifts for friends and family. Considering the video game industry is bigger than both the movie and music industries, it's probably safe to assume that you know at least one gamer so video games are always a good gift idea.

Paul Williams writes: "When reviewing a game by TellTale, it is very easy to review Game of Thrones by the sum of its parts but, not by what it was “designed” to do. In order to not fall into that trap, one must look at TellTale’s past to judge the game based around the literary/HBO juggernaut Game of Thrones."

Unofficial Sparrow racing is already popular in Destiny, but there’s currently no official racing to be found…yet. Eric Osborne, the Bungie community manager, hinted in a recent interview that adding support for an official racing mode is being considered. Click the link below for more details.

Here is Milestone’s latest trailer for their upcoming motorcycle racer RIDE.
The trailer shows off the Yamaha MT-09, which has a maximum power output of 115 Bhp @10,000 rpm from its 847cc engine. It has maximum torque of 87.5Nm @ 8500 rpm and weighs just 175Kg.

With Gran Turismo 6’s recent 1.14 update saw the MoTeC i2 Data Analysis software feature added. MoTeC who specialise in electronics and software for data acquisition and analysis have now gifted Gran Turismo players with their expertise. You’ll now be able to analyse your racing and tuning setups in great detail. Click the link below for full details.