There are just hours left to vote for your favourite player to become this years Fifa cover star alongside Lionel Messi. Choose from the four Barclays Premier League players featured for a chance to see them appear on the front of the game case…

A had previously released some screenshots which only featured female players which made the fan upset as they were expecting to see their favorite stars in FIFA 16. TODAY, EA SPORTS HAS OFFICIALLY RELEASED THEIR COVER FOR FIFA 16 WHICH FEATURES LIONEL MESSI.

With more action in the world of Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, Dom explores Deep Space and assists Stitch in escaping the world. As well as this he also analyses the level and says his pros and cons.

"Each week EA Sports creates a FIFA Ultimate Team Team of the Week (TOTW) based on players in the real world that are in form for that week. Take a look at the team that will be available for one week from 1st July at 6pm."

"We’ve hit the midway point of 2015, and as we look ahead to the incoming game releases of June, it’s evident that there’s no massive triple-A blockbuster games on offer, but there are some explosive titles heading our way nonetheless."

""As a man that enjoys the content of "Shonen Jump" for the most part, you'd think I'd fall in love with J-Stars Victory VS+. You'd think the vast roster of classic and modern icons clashing in a flurry of fists, fire and flabby tentacles would be enough to convince me of its awesomeness, and were it in anime or manga form, perhaps it would have done so. It did not, but by no means was it as bad.

In fact, it's not "bad" at all, and there's a great deal of content to engage in if you enjoy t..."

Adam Freeman writes- The current market for games seems to have settled into a bit a of a pattern. Call of Duty, Bloodborne, The Witcher; all action packed titles, each of them flaunting the top end graphics and vast, expansive and highly detailed worlds, showing off the newest generation of consoles. Enter, then, the newest release from Giants Software and Focus Interactive: Farming Simulator 15.

There are three tracks available no for Rocksmith 2014 Edition on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and PC, bringing some cool country tunes to the guitar playing masses.

With more Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep action, we now explore the world of Disney Town which contains the games mini-games for a little break from battling unversed. What are Dom's thoughts on the world as we try to make it a better place?

"There are videos popping up all over the place for MotoGP 15 since it's been a highly awaited game. Gamers are keen on seeing how well this newest iteration performs following on the previous outing, as well as the not-so-great MotoGP 13. A few videos highlight the career mode and what's like starting out as well as the different control schemes and graphics differences between PC and home console."

With the Ven's adventure continuing in the world of Radiant Garden, the young protagonist encounters two characters fans remember from a previous title in the series.How does our young hero as well as our player Dom react to this arrival?

With more Kingdom Hearts action, Dom explores the world of Radiant Garden in search for Ven's friends Terra and Aqua. On the way we come across some annoying enemies in the form of birds. Will Dom be able to survive?

There's a complete gameplay walkthrough guide for Lego Jurassic World. It offers a comprehensive playthrough for each of the Jurassic Park features, including the grand finale of Jurassic World.

A ton of fans (and no doubt nearly as many unscrupulous vendors) have rushed to pick up a pre-order of the edition, exhausting all of the stock that had been allotted for stores.

"It’s a modern day miracle; those darn dinosaurs are back on the big screen and have managed to squeeze their way onto gaming consoles with a helping hand from LEGO. Yep, the behemoth that is LEGO has snapped up another franchise, the Jurassic Park one to be exact. How will these mighty beasts transfer their ferocity to LEGO bricks? Have we seen enough LEGO games already to cause LEGO Jurassic World to suffer from being more of the same?"

After having been announced earlier this month, Bandai Namco has filed for a trademark for Tales of Berseria in Europe, hinting to a future western localization.

Our adventure through Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep continues as we take a break from beating down the unversed and try to dominate the command board. Can we level up our abilities ready for the next confrontation?

LEGO Jurassic World is here and is teeming with big, friendly, flying, battling and even goofy dinosaurs! In this family-friendly game, you’ll play through each of the four epic Jurassic Park storylines in classic LEGO tongue and cheek style. With over 20 different kinds of playable dinosaurs, 120 unlockable characters, and over 20 vehicles you will have plenty to do and see in this mammoth game.

Come find out why this is the best LEGO game yet.

"Bungie’s Weekly Report for the final week of June was basically one big apology letter for taking a royal dump on the good will of fans, consumers and gamers alike. Why did they have to apologize? Because Destiny: The Taken King’s creative director Luke Smith basically said that gamers would want to throw money at the screen for The Taken King and pay exorbitant prices just because it’s Destiny."

You will find a shed load of new screenshots, a behind the scenes trailer featuring footage and interviews from developer Robomodo, Tony himself and other in-game pros.

"Each week EA Sports creates a FIFA Ultimate Team Team of the Week (TOTW) based on players in the real world that are in form for that week. Take a look at the team that will be available for one week from 24th June at 6pm."

While fans of rugby games have been rather deprived of options in the last couple of years, it appears that yet another rugby game is coming our way this year, as another instalment into the Rugby Challenge franchise is on the way.

Make your way to the Xbox Game Store to grab the Episodes now for £3.99. You’ll find the third episode already available on Playstation, whilst iOS and Android devices will see it appearing in their apps from Thursday 25th June.

Dance is a form of human expression that can express many emotions: joy, sadness, anger. From theatrical dance to modern hip-hop to just rocking out to your favorite tune, dancing is extremely important in human culture. There’s a reason why Just Dance is so popular with its casual fanbase. Harmonix’s Dance Central was also successful in the genre, with dance moves that are actually cool to perform unlike Ubisoft’s franchise, which is also fun during parties when you’re messing around.

Founded by legendary bassist Les Claypool, Primus have been around for 30+ years, bringing joy and humour to rock with the likes of Tommy The Cat and Jerry was a Race Car Driver.