"Call of Duty cannot and should not rest on its laurels; hence it needs to constantly add improvements and enhancements every year. Where can Black Ops III developers, Treyarch, take the series to ensure that the shooter fans aren’t left thinking it’s the same game every year?"

The last lineup of Playstation Plus titles for 2015 have officially been announced. This month offers some relatively solid offerings on PS3 and Vita, but I feel it's lacking on PS4. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

"Each week EA Sports creates a FIFA Ultimate Team Team of the Week (TOTW) based on players in the real world that are in form for that week. Take a look at the team that will be available for one week from 25th November at 6pm."

Jason Redmond writes- The World Rally Championship games have always been a compromise of budget and ambition. The previous developers Milestone have always had their heart in the right place but their hands used for execution were just not steady enough. Under a new team WRC 5 brings the series back in a really positive way, even if there are a few crests along the way.

Starting on Wed 25th Nov, 28 new playable tracks will arrive in the GHTV on-demand list. Alongside those, six new tracks will hit the Premium Shows section bringing the total track listing to 300 songs!

Finally, Deadpool has had his very own video game! What better way to celebrate than with a bunch of lovely and dangerous ladies? There's surely potential for some memorable scene through the interaction between Deadpool and the X-Babies!
What is certain is that we have a memorable photo shoot thanks to five awesome cosplayers from Russia!

"Remastered re-releases of classic old games (or some games that aren’t even that old) seem to be the flavour of the week in the gaming world, but while many may roll their eyes at the obvious cash-in opportunity for publishers, there are some incredible collections that give players who missed out on a franchise’s early entries, or those who played them a shot of reinvigorated nostalgia, for a great price."

Available to download right now are the following tracks. You can pick them up as individual purchases for £2.39 or grab the whole damn lot in the song pack for £9.59.

FUT United has just gone, and FIFA 16 Black Friday and Cyber Monday with big market crash is coming, What details about Black Friday for FIFA 16 you should pay close attention to? Today we are going to share some important infomation about FIFA 16 Black Friday to help you get ready for it.

On this week's episode of the Ultimaximum Overdrive Podcast the guys discuss what they did this week, the news of the week, and finally receive (and answer) some reader questions. We also discuss our Top 5 favorite female characters in video games. Thanks to everyone who sent questions in and thank you, listener, for giving us the time of day.

Expected or not, Blind Betrayal brings a huge plot twist into the game and gladly for players, there are many ways to end up this mission. Find out about what can be done with Paladin Danse and his future.

Hazmat Suits are essential to perform certain missions in Fallout 4. There are several ways to get one but here’s the quickest and easiest way to get it.

The story mode, Twilight of the Republic is action packed with many lightsaber battles, spaceship dog fights and visiting the home planets of many beloved characters from the Star Wars movies. It’s worth noting that only the Infinity 3.0 Star Wars characters will work in this mode and many of them will NOT work right out of the box.

Everything important that you need to know about the Diadem(Hard) in Final Fantasy XIV. It's been a long road trying to figure out whats going on so hopefully this will help answer any questions that you might have had regarding this version of the exploratory mission.

Game of Thrones has enthralled fans through its hit HBO television series and the George R. R. Martin books. The action is gritty and the political drama intriguing. Most important to the series’ success is that the characters illicit an emotional response for their duplicity, occasional knuckleheaded decisions, and brazen acts of cruelty. The winding plot with its multiple perspectives and intersecting storylines lends itself well to a video game.

Beyond: Two Souls will be hitting the PS4 November 24 for $29.99 and is followed by Heavy Rain on March 1st. A price for Heavy Rain hasn't been revealed but it has been confirmed you can get it for a discount if you purchase Beyond: Two Souls for PS4. Both are digital only releases.

Telltale's CEO and co-founder Kevin Bruner recently told The Hollywood Reporter, “When we initially announced the series in 2013, we let everyone know this would be a multi-title, multiyear partnership with HBO. After this week's finale, I'm pleased to officially confirm that there will be a second season of Telltale's Game of Thrones series, and that it's currently in development.

If you don’t mind potty humor, Jackbox Party Pack 2 is bound to bring out some laughs. While the mobile device issues were annoying, they worked most of the time. I didn’t have any trouble using my laptop. The asking price is a reasonable $25 which is not a bad price for five games. Friends, internet access, and a functional jackbox.tv website are required to play this game. If you have access to all three, it's worth looking into.

Duty of Dishonor is a complex mission at the Brotherhood of Steel base and it takes awhile to complete. You might need some guidance, specially during the second phase because the whole place works like a small maze.

The fifth mission given by Knight Rhys is to clean yet more Feral Ghouls at a suspicious location known as the Mass Pike Tunnel East. Here’s what do you need to know.

To play beautiful football on FIFA 16, the first thing is to get the right cards to build the best ultimate team possible. Above all, no matter you are regular or beginner, you should to know what kinds of cards on FIFA 16. Today we are going to share you the basic knowledge of FIFA 16 Cards.

Rewarding all those who have supported the PES franchise, Erik Bladinieres, the Football and Alliances Director has announced that the UEFA Euro 2016 content which will be delivered next year via a Data Pack, will be free to all existing users.

In Episode 3, trapped and running out of time, Jesse and crew must discover a means to locate Soren, the final member of the Order of the Stone. They’ll see sights and wonders beyond belief, including the horrors lurking beneath the starless sky of The End.

In a very special spoiler-filled edition of the Ultimaximum Overdrive Podcast, APG brings you the Metal Gear Solid 5 spoilercast in which we discuss all things Metal Gear Solid 5 and its relation to the rest of the series.

The Quartermastery chain missions from Scribe Haylen at the Brotherhood of Steel can be challenging to complete. Find out how to quickly do part two and three in a matter of minutes.