Destiny has Expasion I: The Dark Below coming in just a couple weeks, to help give players an idea of what to expect they've taken to the streets of YouTube with a teaser video previewing some of the changes and areas coming with the new expansion pack.

Seee the devs in action as they talked about intercepting player feedback and helping create the world players really wanted to see including co-op strike coming into the storyline itself.

Details below:

Dragon Age: Inquisition – PS4 | PS3 | 360
Far Cry 4 – PS4 | XBO | PS3 | 360
Assassin’s Creed: Unity – PS4 | XBO

The Evil Within – XBO [Requires you to sign up for a free Shop Your Way account]
Pikmin 3

Watch Dogs – PS4 | XBO | PS3 | 360
Madden 15 – PS4 | XBO
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Wind Waker HD
Kinect Sports Rivals

Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor – PS4 | XBO
Wolfenstein – PS4 | XBO [Requires you to sign up for a free Shop Your Way accou...

The latest 1.14 update for Gran Turismo 6 has just been released by Polyphony, it brings lots of additions and improvements, click on the link below for full details.

Writing up a series of my top 10 games I've noticed a trend I picked up on a while back. And that is that the future of a fair few of my favourite games seem to have been discontinued, cancelled, or their sequels are extremely reclusive.

After working out my 10 favourites I've worked out that 3 of the 10 almost certainly won't receive a sequel, while it's unlikely that another 3 will.

Game Franchises that almost certainly won't get another
The 3 games that are almost certain not to ...

Codemasters have just unveiled their very last F1 2014 trailer to coincide with Formula 1’s last race of the season. Click on the link below to see the final trailer from Codemaster's F1 2014 game.

The Los Angeles Auto Show is in full swing this weekend, and while there are a ton of cool cars to check out and admire, there was another story to see during the show. Chevrolet unveiled the Chaparral 2X Vision to the world, taking on the Gran Turismo challenge of creating a car of tomorrow that defies the norm, that dares to dream outside of the boxes while using real technologies in development or in research.

Instead of just doing a digital launch, Chevrolet opted to create the Chaparr...

This week gamers have seen a lot of misprints and scams at big name retailers across the country. As gamers on budgets we love to find a good deal but when people take it so far that companies are forced to change their price matching policies it hurts every consumer.

"The DC Universe was once again featured in the hit title ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’, which pitted heroes and villains against each other in a bizarro world of death and destruction. While Injustice is today listed among the best beat em up titles of recent times, there are plenty of others worth checking out for a new Point of Difference."

A large amount of players are having issues with the freshly released Dragon Age Inquisition. This vastly spread bug happens upon launch, after the BioWare logo, and it will most likely make the game go into a full black screen. Here's a compilation of possible fixes

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Telltale Games have revealed the first trailer for their upcoming Game of Thrones Series. The trailer features some familiar features and reveals that the first episode, titled "Iron From Ice" will be premiering soon.

"The Viziv has a 2 litre horizontally-opposed direct injection turbocharged engine. It boasts maximum power output of 591 Brake Horsepower and 800 Nm (82 Kgfm) of maximum torque. The version 1.14 update is expected soon."

The Gamer’s Lounge Crew has put together a list of what they are hoping to pick up for Black Friday. Along the way, they are mentioning the “must buy” deals for video games on Black Friday, as well as which store has the best deal for consoles or the new AAA games.

Watch_Dogs is a true sandbox; you can do almost anything you want. If you want to profile and kill every person of a certain background you can. However there are consequences. If you rob, injure, or kill someone, anyone who witnesses this will call the police.

Here is the latest trailer to come from developers Codemasters for their just released top down racer Toybox Turbos.

Toybox Turbos features 18 tracks which take place in a number of indoor environments that include kitchen tables, pool halls and science labs.

"Videos of GTA V’s first-person sex scenes have been making the rounds and circulating throughout the gaming sphere. Gamers have been able to see first-hand exactly what it looks like to get it on with a prostitute in first-person. Some gamers thought it was cool. Some gamers thought it was repulsive. Some gamers thought Rockstar had gone too far. Well, the CEO of Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, has finally chimed in on all the chatter surrounding the chronically co..."

Dragon Age Inquisition is launching today on United States of America and Russia. However, a piracy leak has been running around the internet for several days now. As usual, the issue is with the crack. Apparently, crackers are having a hard time breaking through the code due to the new technical protection measures implemented by BioWare and Electronic Arts Games.

Chris writes: "It doesn’t come as a surprise to me when I say Little Big Planet is back and better than ever. I mean, with 3 new characters, completely new story, new customization, and the ability to play all of the player created maps from the original? Yeah, Little Big Planet is back and it’s better than ever."

Check out these New GTAV Screenshots. With only a few hours left until the game is released for the PS4 and Xbox One consoles with tons of new features and improved graphics. Based on what have been revealed so far this game will more likely get a 10 out of 10. - See more at:

"Epic Games has offered developers an early look at the updates coming to Unreal Engine 4 in the next release, 4.6, which include an important update for virtual reality (VR) developers. There are a number of noteworthy new features listed in the preview, but highest on the list for the VR development community will most certainly be the integration of the latest SDK and Runtimes from Oculus VR."

"Upon reading this a few hours ago, I turned on my PS4, downloaded the patch and booted up the game only to find, that nothing had changed. Instead of getting pissed, shutting the game off and calling it a night, I decided to replay the final mission again. Sadly after beating, no trophy unlocked and the game still acts as though I have only beaten the first three missions."

The first episode for Telltale Games’ upcoming Game of Thrones adaptation is almost upon us. Despite that, no one knew what the game or its characters looked like, as Telltale has been keeping it a close guarded secret.

Just Dance 2015 is the sixth addition to the popular dancing game series. The game play is pretty much the same where you have to mimic the movements of the onscreen dancers to the best of your ability. Depending on your timing (and optional singing) you'll earn stars for your performance and points to unlock songs and mash-ups to dance to. For each song you complete, you'll acquire a new avatar to use for your profile.

It has been nearly two months since the release of the amazing, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and a month since it received the popular Photo Mode. Since then fans have been having a last taking all sorts of pictures and sharing with the world.

Denis Murphy writes- During my recent review of Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments, I mentioned how I'm a huge fan of the classic point-and-click adventure titles. Though my main example during that review was Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars, I also really enjoyed virtually anything from LucasArts. Whether it was Sam & Max Hit the Road, The Secret of Monkey Island or Full Throttle: Hell on Wheels, everything LucasArts released back in the day was literally perfect.