"Wildly successful for its 3D graphics, variety of great games, and success of the CD format, the PlayStation would go on to influence the use of optical CDs in video game consoles, and spawn successor consoles that have either outsold or competed with those devolved by Microsoft or Nintendo."

The PlayStation Portable is apparently still alive.

Summon Night 5, an upcoming PSP game for North America, has just gotten its first official English gameplay trailer, courtesy of Gaijinworks. Preorder for the physical + digital edition of the game is still on on the publisher's website.

The game was first released on May 16, 2013 in Japan. The western version of the game is due out this fall.

Adol, after yet another shipwreck, finds himself washed up on the shore of the Canaan islands, a nearly impossible to reach area inside of the Great Vortex. He is found by a Rhodan, a strange local tribe of people with pointy ears and tails, but otherwise act and behave human. They help him recover, but distrust him, like many other Eresians (which is Ys lore for Eurasians). Being the ever helpful (and nosy) Adol, he manages to help the locals with their troubles, earn their trust, and sav...

The Gamer’s Lounge is going to be having a summer blacklog community contest. The summer is the perfect time to play some games that have been sitting on the shelf or on the hard drive for the last year or so. Put away that next gen AAA title and fire up something from a few years ago or from 20 years ago.

Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure was originally a PC game, only available in Japan back in 2004. It was later ported to PSP, and Mastiff brought it to the US in 2007. Now, Mastiff has updated the PC release with modern controls, graphics settings and widescreen support, and reused the PSP translation and voice overs to bring the definitive Gurumin experience to PC.