In a very special spoiler-filled edition of the Ultimaximum Overdrive Podcast, APG brings you the Metal Gear Solid 5 spoilercast in which we discuss all things Metal Gear Solid 5 and its relation to the rest of the series.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Packs are one of the most important things in this game since they make it possible to introduce the cards into the game. If you are a big fan to play FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, the first and most important thing you to do is to open packs, No packs, there would be no player cards, no good players cards then you can not enjoy the game!

Naughty Dog has taken the spotlight recently due to gaming marvel, The Last Of Us, The Nathan Drake collection and the upcoming (and much anticipated) release of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. With all the praise and excitement received on behalf of these unquestionably awesome titles, it is almost as if we’ve forgotten that some time ago now, The Naughty Dog team presented us players with the greatest, most memorable platformer of all time, Crash Bandicoot.

The game’s aim was all but a simpl...

"Wildly successful for its 3D graphics, variety of great games, and success of the CD format, the PlayStation would go on to influence the use of optical CDs in video game consoles, and spawn successor consoles that have either outsold or competed with those devolved by Microsoft or Nintendo."

The PlayStation Portable is apparently still alive.

Summon Night 5, an upcoming PSP game for North America, has just gotten its first official English gameplay trailer, courtesy of Gaijinworks. Preorder for the physical + digital edition of the game is still on on the publisher's website.

The game was first released on May 16, 2013 in Japan. The western version of the game is due out this fall.