While it's not the first game i played (Killer Instinct ftw) the first title i ever completed was Super Mario World. After borrowing the game from my half-sister I spent countless hours seated in front of the televison collecting coins, stomping on Goombas, and basically doing whatever it took to thwart Bowsers evil plans. Despite this being back in days when I pretty much liked any game I played, even my 3 year old brain could tell there was something extra special about Super Mario World. B...

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The stealth genre has become a cornerstone of the gaming industry over the last 15 or so years but its been around for much longer than that. Let's look back at some of the most prominent releases over the years that have helped to solidify its popularity.

Castle Wolfenstein (1981)

Though it might not be the first stealth game it laid down the foundation that the rest of the genre would follow. Avoiding detection is key to success as ammo is limited. Players are able to search dead ...

GG3 writes: "There’s a pretty damn rad sale on the European Playstation Store that puts a ton of classic games from PS One to PSP and so on. It has also slipped a game in for free, so go pick it up right now."

"The 90′s scene was all about furry hedgehogs and cute plumbers until Midway Games came and changed everything. Ed Boon and his friend John Tobias wanted to make a fighting game that was brutal and bloody. Originally, the game that eventually became ‘Mortal Kombat’ was supposed to be based on martial arts superstar Jean-Claude Van Damme."

With all the recent coverage concerning 2K15 I thought it’d be the perfect time to reveal my favorite games based off the testosterone fueled soap opera that is the WWE. A lot titles have graced a lot of platforms over the years but these are the ones that I feel stand tall above the rest.

And that's the bottom line, cos Stone Cold said so!

5. WWF Smackdown 2: Know Your Role (2000)

Playstation owners had to be a little more patient than their Nintendo counterparts when it came to ...

Mario might still be the most recognizable face in all of gaming but he’s the last of a dying breed. Cartoon plumbers, speedy hedgehogs, and bears with birds in their backpacks use to litter the gaming landscape, but now the industry is dominated by zombies, space marines, and gangsters. My question: When did this happen?

To be fair there have always been games with adult content. Doom, Duke Nukem, and of course the original Mortal Kombat targeted more 'mature' gamers but they were the ex...

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"The following five game consoles in our humble opinion should be added to your bucket list. These silicon chipped monsters are the most awesome machines ever released for gamers and we are here to tell you why these are worth playing!"

"You know how sometimes you get super nostalgic and decide to revisit a childhood game, not really sure it's going to be as good as you remember? We know the painful truth: sometimes they're not. But what about the games that are every bit as engrossing, beautiful, and smooth as we remember them? Join us as we take another stroll through the past, this time honouring those classic games that have stood the test of time and still delight (again, in no particular order)."

"Ah, sweet nostalgia. Funny how it works, rendering what some may consider mediocre seem like the greatest thing in the world to us. Video games are no exception, sweeping us back to a time of youth, fun, and laughs, when we weren’t laden with responsibility, bills, or whatever it is that worries us on a day-to-day basis.

But have you ever revisited one of those cherished titles, examined it as objectively as possible, and felt like maybe it isn’t the godsend you remembered it being? Let us..."

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Overwolf will be previewing the upcoming CrowdPlay feature, a TPG(Twitch Play games) toolset that allows viewers to play games with one another by entering commands in the chat. This first Overwolf-built TPG is ongoing right now on Overwolf's Twitch channel found here as they play Final Fantasy VI.

It is not easy to program TPGs but Overwolf has made it easier by building tools so that anyone with basic level of technology can set it up and do it. Commands are done through the chat room a...

Cinelinx takes a look at some of the weirdest games to have worn the Star Wars name; explaining what went wrong, and why it's a good thing they never went any further with them.

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