"Now I am not a parent, and one day I would like to be, but I’m told it is easier to have kids if you can get past a first date, so I’m working on that. I do think that my parents had it hard trying to pick what games to get me with absolutely no idea about the hobby. When I become a parent, I’m thinking that I will know exactly what to buy my offspring."

In the latest video from Project Polygon, the guys name three video games each that are in need of a reboot! Have some of your own? Feel free to comment!

"This installment of Memorable Music in Gaming is spread out over a handful of different console generations, but were all titles that resonated with me as games while still having sound tracks that stuck with me in one way or another as well.

Neverwinter Nights (PC) - City Docks Day

I spent so much time playing Neverwinter Nights and its expansions - and then building out and playing modules that the amazing community helped to prop up for several years. While the graphics engine at the..."

AJ recently brought us some great Christmas-themed video game levels, but now he shows us some really cool Christmas-themed video games. Check them out!

Final Fantasy VI is one of the most popular games in the storied franchise. Originally released on the Super Nintendo in 1994, the game has since appeared on the original PlayStation, Game Boy Advance and the Wii Virtual Console. After years of waiting, fans will soon be able to play Final Fantasy VI on Steam.

If you've been following any gaming community in the past couple of days, you've probably noticed an influx of people posting lists of their favorite games of all time. GameFAQs is hosting a battle to decide the "best game ever", with fans' votes forging a path to victory. An intrepid user has put together a test of sorts that will let you vote on various matchups of games to help you decide your personal favorites.

The sights and sounds of games give them a vibrancy over just the written word of a book. For me personally, music tends to age far better than any other aspect of a game - which might explain why so many classic games still have some of the best music.

In a very special spoiler-filled edition of the Ultimaximum Overdrive Podcast, APG brings you the Metal Gear Solid 5 spoilercast in which we discuss all things Metal Gear Solid 5 and its relation to the rest of the series.

"Star Wars games have had a disparate history in video games, with some projects ending up being smash hits and others flopping harder than Jar Jar’s jokes.

So, with the highly-anticipated Battlefront releasing this week, we decided to look at the games that faired a little more towards the dark side with their quality."