"Ah, sweet nostalgia. Funny how it works, rendering what some may consider mediocre seem like the greatest thing in the world to us. Video games are no exception, sweeping us back to a time of youth, fun, and laughs, when we weren’t laden with responsibility, bills, or whatever it is that worries us on a day-to-day basis.

But have you ever revisited one of those cherished titles, examined it as objectively as possible, and felt like maybe it isn’t the godsend you remembered it being? Let us..."

Join John and Erik this month for an interview with Bill Hecklick, founder of Retroscribe, the Gamefly for Retro Games. We also share our feelings on the RetroN 5, Repro carts and more!

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Overwolf will be previewing the upcoming CrowdPlay feature, a TPG(Twitch Play games) toolset that allows viewers to play games with one another by entering commands in the chat. This first Overwolf-built TPG is ongoing right now on Overwolf's Twitch channel found here as they play Final Fantasy VI.

It is not easy to program TPGs but Overwolf has made it easier by building tools so that anyone with basic level of technology can set it up and do it. Commands are done through the chat room a...

Cinelinx takes a look at some of the weirdest games to have worn the Star Wars name; explaining what went wrong, and why it's a good thing they never went any further with them.

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With the recent buzz about JRPGs and its promising future, Stephen from Leviathyn looks back at some of the most bizarre plots in the genre, spanning three gaming generations.

Suikoden II looks to be making its way to the Playstation Network sometime soon. The Entertainment Software Ratings Board(ERSB) has given the game a "T" for Teen Rating on the Playstation 3. ERSB ratings have in the past served as announcement for upcoming games.

It was originally released in 1999 on the original Playstation. It was considered by fans and critics as one of the best role-play games of all time.

The N64 will be remembered as the only successful 64 bit system in a world of 32 bit systems. The N64 made playing fps games on consoles popular. It took everyone's favorite 2D characters and made them 3D. Nintendo stuck with the cartridges over the cheaper CDs. Although there are quite a few good games for the system but it seems no one is really an N64 collector. The Gamer’s Lounge has a few theories on why the N64 may never reach the greatness of the SNES. In fact if gamers are looking for...

Consideration for entry on this list isn’t quite cut and dry, however. For instance, some games that are considered iconic of the PS1 era are also found on PC, where they found an equally dedicated but much smaller audience. The sales numbers listed for these games are combined, but the vast majority are presumably on PlayStation. Other games were timed exclusives, making their way to other consoles well after debuting on PlayStation. The numbers for these are also combined, again with a vast...

Continuing their look at some of the best video game cutscenes, Cinelinx examines the past to highlight the best cinematic intros from the games of the 90s.

Kicking off a month all about performances, Cinelinx, takes a look at a pair of great gaming cutscenes to show how both old and new generations have handled the storytelling aspects of the medium and why they hold up so well.

"The pressure is starting to get to you. You have three rounds left in the chamber, not nearly enough to take on the shambling horde that’s trudging towards you. As your back reaches a wall and the looming figures draw near, you twist your head this way and that, looking for any small sign of salvation. An explosive canister sits just meters away. That would be your answer but the undead have reached you, one lunging forward to seize you by the shoulders. The figure’s decaying skin drips flesh..."

Lara just can’t seem to keep herself together on this episode of SplitScreen. This time, Henry and I spend more time traversing the maze-like Venetian canals and laughing maniacally when we fail to jump out of a boat on time. It’s just another day in the world of Tomb Raider 2.

Cinelinx takes a look back at some of the most annoying enemies from the days of retro gaming. They may not have been the toughest enemies to battle, but they were enough to give you grey hairs.