Enjoy this Worms: Revolution Review from opinion-based gaming website Default Prime. Worms has had a myriad of successful iterations since 1995 with a handful of 3D titles that were never quite as popular as their Two-dimensional counterparts. With brand new 2.5D graphics, Worms: Revolution might be the perfect middle ground between embodying that attractive look of the modern era while keeping the same classic artillery gameplay that captivated fans 17 years ago.

With 32 single player missions, 20 puzzles, four unique character classes, brand new physics objects, and classic multiplayer gameplay, this outing has everything it needs to satisfy fans without showing them something they’ve already seen.
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    Kingy Oct 12, 12
    I love Worms! A couple friends of mine are huge fans, but I don't think they have been informed of this game yet. Will make sure he hears the news. Heck, I think I'll go out and by this game. (:

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