James Walker of Binge Gamer is almost at the finish line for the Top Games Lists, now releasing the 2005 list. While the Xbox 360 did see a release during this year, it was at the end of the year and none of the first generation of titles were able to make their way on this list when compared to what the older systems were still pumping out. Including many franchises that we are still playing today.

2005 gave us the Xbox 360. What else is there to say? ...okay, okay. So there is more to say about 2005 than the release of the Xbox 360. It was also officially unveiled in 2005! ...kidding. At E3, both the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo "Revolution" were unveiled to the public. 2005 also saw the introduction of the Family Entertainment Protection Act, a bill proposed by Senators Hillary Clinton, Joe Lieberman and Evan Bayh that would have set a federal mandate for the enforcement of the ESRB.

In 2005, EA and ESPN announced a 15-year partnership that gave EA the rights to the ESPN name and license in their games. Finally getting fed up with EA's crap, Take-Two and Major League Baseball announced that they had come to an agreement that made it so that Take-Two was the only third party publisher allowed to make baseball games. A slap in EA's face? You tell me. Also, Take-Two bought both Kush Games and Visual Concepts from SEGA for $24M, and launched the publishing label we all know as 2K Games.

Also, with the controvery over the "Hot Coffee" scandal with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the ESRB re-rated the game AO - the first time this had ever been done to a previously released game.
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    Galacticdramon Dec 21, 08
    I'd put Shadow on there, easily. If it was released in '05 instead of '06.
    • 0
      PacoDG Dec 21, 08
      North American release date.
  • 1
    Stewie Dec 21, 08
    Meh. It's ok. I like the list.
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    Chris Dec 22, 08
    Mario Kart DS had to be up there as did Nintendogs as it was very popular.

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