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"It has never been easier to get video games than now with digital distribution paving the way to bundles and sales all over the place. They’re great, but you then realize that you have way too many games and too little time to finish them before you know it. Video games now seldom get finished due to both oversaturation and the attitudes of gamers these days. There are so many games now, but so little time to enjoy all of them. I’m not saying outright that game hoarding is really bad, but you..."

"Ironcast is a bunch of different genres jammed into a rogue-lite game. Some have come out to say that it’s one of those games that is not playing fair, but that’s what happens when RNG is very involved in such a game, but that doesn’t mean skill isn’t a factor in the gameplay. If you’re one of those people who seems susceptible to gambler’s fallacy, then maybe you would want to step back a bit and take a deep breath before playing this game."

Tormentum: Dark Sorrow is an interesting, yet short, tribute to gothic art coupled with an intriguing, albeit not unfamiliar, storyline. It certainly isn't for everyone, though – and especially not a game for children. Caution is advised when playing this game or gifting it to others, but for those who aren't bothered by the creepy scenery