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During the “South Park 20” panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Ubisoft released a brand new behind-the-scenes video for South Park: The Fractured But Whole. It gives you a great inside look at how the teams at both South Park Studios and Ubisoft San Francisco are working together to create the new title.

When the Xbox One Game Preview scheme was first announced, it was met with open arms. As a place for developers to throw their upcoming games, helping get a bit of support and shape from the community, the idea is a good one. I can fully see the reasons behind putting a huge open world title like ARK or Elite into it, as there is plenty of scope for amendments.

"I have been playing games since 1988 at the wee age of nine and not once have I ever used a glitch or a Game Genie to make my passage in the game easier. I did use the Konami code to play through Contra with my buddies back in the day, but that has been the extent of my dabbling in cheating."

"While Nintendo’s Wii U console suffers a slow and agonizing death, we can look away for just a few moments to enjoy Nintendo’s prowess in retro gaming with the NES Classic Edition. I know that sounds weird seeing as I grew up in the “classic” era of gaming, but the reveal of this miniature console is a dream come true and I can’t wait to buy mine. These are five reasons why I’ll be short $60 in November."

Sssnakes is a modern interpretation of that classic Nokia cellphone game that everyone remembers. There are 20 levels total and they nearly all have the same goal - eat all the eggs on screen. There are two colors of eggs: blue and green. Eating eggs of the same color increases your score faster as well as increasing the speed of the snake. Once a certain amount of eggs are eaten, a secret will appear somewhere in the level.

Even though we’re well into the summer games drought, there have still been plenty of Xbox One and Xbox 360 related news, reviews and opinions to sink our teeth into. But which are the best of the week?

Marvel have announced at their San Diego Comic-con panel that Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 will be making a comeback to latest gen consoles next Tuesday (26th July 2016). There has been some lingering rumour of these games coming back for a while now so it is nice to have some confirmation at last.