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"Spider-Man has been in video games for quite some time now, and somehow his games have never hit the low point in licensed gaming. Sure there have been some sub-par installments, but nothing that rivals Super-Man 64 or Batman: Dark Tomorrow. I’ve been reading comic books since the wee age of eight and a majority of my collection from my youth are survival horror games and licensed video games."

"This isn’t about how amazing games like The Witness and Hitman were missing from the GOTY ballet. This isn’t about how Overwatch shouldn’t of been anywhere near the GOTY list at all, let alone winning the award. This isn’t about how the voting process is completely dumb. This isn’t even about how the show still airs in December before major games like Dead Rising 4 and Final Fantasy 15 are even released. (though seriously, why the hell can’t they do it in January? Or even the end of December..."