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Ori and the Blind Forest’s story takes us to the forest of Nible, an enchanted place that’s filled with life. Ori’s a tree spirit that’s taken away by the winds one stormy night and the Spirit Tree’s not too happy. Now an orphan, Ori’s adopted and cared for by a bear-like creature called Naru. After some time, this sets in motion a chain of events that lead to the downfall of Nible.

Naru and Ori are driven to the brink of desperation when the forest becomes a decaying wasteland and Naru s...

GG3 writes: "Right now, Fatshark is working on two titles simultaneously, one being the first-person fantasy basher Vermintide and Bloodsports.TV. That last one is a top-down wave defense title."

"If any news does emerge about Half-Life 3, will people even care? Will the younger generations appreciate Valve’s golden child, or will they most likely be caught up in the likes of Battlefield or Call of Duty. That said, why is it that loyal fans are happy to wait without fear that HL3 would become the next Duke Nukem."

Ride can be a fun and challenging game if you are willing to look past a few of it’s annoyances which become pretty obvious even after a very short time with the game.