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"A graphics comparison between Uncharted 2 on the PS3 and Uncharted 2 on the PS4 from the recent Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection details some of the upgrades, advancements and a few missing features in the new-gen re-release of one of the most critically praised games from the previous generation."

After already being available for download on nearly every gaming device you can buy, Shovel Knight is finally getting the retail edition that developer Yacht Club Games promised this holiday season. It will, however, come with a number of new surprises and even a few disappointments, the studio has revealed.

Civilization: Beyond Earth – Rising Tide is the long awaited expansion pack for Civilization: Beyond Earth - a spiritual successor to Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri - and there’s a particular reason why it’s been ‘long awaited.’ You see, Beyond Earth was first released to a positive but muted response for several reasons, most notably due to a lack of complexity and personality. As such, there is hope amongst fans that Rising Tide will help Beyond Earth fulfil its potential, much in the same way ...

"David Alaba is a young, fast, strong and reliable defender who usually plays as a LB. Alaba is very good for both the Career Mode and FIFA 16 Ultimate Team and is perhaps the best option for this position. He is extremely fast and excellent in all statistics where defenders should be good at. He is also good at shooting the goal, which is not common among defenders."

"Laura’s V-Trigger, Spark Show, activates her electrical abilities. By electrifying herself Laura’s projectile flies much farther, and many of her attacks deal an increased amount of hit stun. Spark Show can also be combined with Linear Movement to cover more ground as she moves in and out of her opponent’s range."

Love them or loathe them, beta tests are only becoming a more important part of the development process as the years roll on. For online juggernauts such as Destiny, Evolve and now Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops III, the pre-emptive vertical slice allows developers to stress test various gameplay systems and servers, before collating the results and pinpointing any potential flaws or bugs. At least, that’s the idea.

Dubbed Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, Bluepoint’s latest porting effort is a sight to behold. Not only does it present tightened and more polished gameplay, but it truly lets the three best Uncharted games shine, thanks to noticeably improved and stunningly detailed visuals.

For some time now, many of the game industry’s voice actors have threatened to go on strike in their calls for better pay and studio transparency. Today, the possibility of such is now one step closer to becoming a reality.

"Overruled! however is slightly different. Dlala Studios don’t wish for you to be locked down to racing, they don’t even want you to spend hours on end battling it out in a King of the Hill arena and god forbid, the Essex based indie devs wouldn’t care for you to battle it out to the death with your friends for an entire night in either."