The Earth Defense Force is an elite military unit tasked with saving humanity from the alien invasion using extreme force. This usually ends up being in the form of lots of explosions. With a plot and presentation similar to a cheesy B-movie, it is far from a serious game, and has earned for itself quite the cult following.

Detailed today, LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens brings an in-depth journey through the latest Star Wars blockbuster. Providing a deeper insight into some of the film’s most memorable moments, we’ll be given the chance to build, battle and fly through the galaxy like never before.

Join Nathanael and Robert this week where they talk about Rise of the Tomb Raider, Crashlands, Murdered Soul Suspect, Just Cause 3, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Minecraft: Story Mode, Minecraft, Rocket League, LEGO Batman 3, Kingdom Hearts 2.5, EA, Mighty No. 9 and more!

This week sees the release of Yakuza Kiwami across PS4 and PS3, which takes the top 2 spots in the software chart. Other new entrants in the chart include Hyrule Warriors Legends (3DS), Just Cause 3 (PS4), Resident Evil Origins Collection (PS4), Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster (PS3) and MuvLuv Double Pack (PSV).

With the success of their first ever physical release behind them. Crash Landed talks Saturday Morning RPG with fledging games publisher Limited Run Games - along with lessons they have learnt and what the future holds.

Last month our very own Shawn Goff attended the 2015 PlayStation Experience. The show floor was packed full of the most exciting upcoming games for the PlayStation 4 and Vita. This list highlights just a few of the games that you should definitely keep on your radar.

All in all, Broken Sword 5 is a solid adventure game that is well worth the $25 price tag, and is an even better bargain when purchased as part of a sale or bundle. The only major concern might be nudity and, of course, the aspects of Gnosticism. Whether or not that adds to the appeal of the game, or detracts from it, is something I'll leave up to you.

After the weekly dominance of Monster Hunter X, It is a refreshing change at the top of the software chart this week with the new release from developer Vanillaware, Odin sphere which is available on PS4, PS Vita and PS3

All in all Atelier Escha & Logy Plus: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky is an excellent RPG that once again makes a smooth transition from the PlayStation 3 to the Vita. Because of the two different characters and the inability to really explore and do everything you might want to given the time boxed nature of the missions, there is some replay value to be had here. Huge fans of the series such as myself will need little more reason than that to dive back in and play the game again. However, beyond...

The first full week of 2016 sees no new releases with Monster Hunter X topping the charts. The Capcom mega hit is now over 2.5M sales in Japan only. On the hardware front, 3DS is on top with PS4 in second place.

"In this fun-filled sequel, Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star will once again put your dating skills to the test. Is Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star just as compelling and unique as its predecessor? Let’s dive into the wonderful alternate world of Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star and find out. You won’t want to miss this review!"

NPD has released information on the best selling video gaming titles of 2015 in Australia and New Zealand. Activision’s Black Ops 3 is the best selling software title across both these regions with Halo 5: Guardians, the sole exclusive title making an entry on the Australian chart.

Available this week on all the usual formats (that’ll be Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Amazon!), the Star Wars Pinball: The Force Awakens table pack combines two tables based on the recent hit movie

This week the gang is back and they talk about Fallout 4, Disney Infinity, Just Cause 3, Yo-Kai Watch, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Star Wars Battlefront, Steamworld Dig, Portal 2, Minecraft Story Mode, XCom: Enemy Unknown, Amplitude, Oculus Rift, Star Wars and more!

Eight months ago, Joetsu Electronics released L2-R2 Grips for the 2000 model Vita. This grip greatly improved remote play by adding physical L2-R2 buttons to the Vita. 1000 model Vita owners were left in the cold, but with a new year comes grips for the 1000 model. Let’s take a look at this new product.

Three Bagogames writers take a look at the year in gaming and duke it out over who won 2015. Was it Nintendo, Microsoft or Sony? Or does it matter and the real winner is the gamer who gets to play all these amazing games?

Monster Hunter X returns to the top of the chart this week after sitting down on No. 2 last week. This week also sees 4 new releases for PS Vita, 3DS, Wii U & PS3. Hardware numbers will be updated when available from tracker Media create.

Sony have officially announced the PS Plus games line up for January 2016 for both US and EU regions. As we reported earlier, PS4 gets Grim Fandango Remastered and Hardware: Rivals.

Full games lineup for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita below:

Dragon Age: Origins, PS3
Grim Fandango Remastered, PS4, PS Vita
Hardware: Rivals, PS4
Legends of War Patton, PS Vita
Medal of Honor Warfighter, PS3
Nihilumbra, PS Vita

2015 has been filled with so many great games. From AAA titles like Super Mario Maker and Fallout 4 to small independent titles like Rocket League and SOMA. It was very hard for the staff to pick just one clear winner for our Game of the Year and looking ahead at what there is to come in 2016, next year will be even harder.

Sony has announced its PlayStation Plus offerings for January, and it looks like we’re entering the year with a game that we started the year off with when it first released in January 2015. PlayStation Plus subscribers will get access to Grim Fandango Remastered and have an opportunity to experience one of the seminal adventure games before Double Fine Productions releases their remaster for Day of the Tentacle later in March. The title is cross-buy, which means both PS4 and PS Vita owners w...

Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires is a great entry into the Warrior’s line especially with the vast amount of replay value at being outside of a set historical timeline. Even with the Vita’s size and system specs causing a few tiny issues, it is not enough to stop the enjoyment that can be taken out of this title especially with the ability to bring it onto the road.

This week the guys record one last podcast for the year. They talk Nintendo Smash Direct, Kojima officially done at Konami, Rocket League, Fallout 4 and Shawn Goff stops by with his hands on report form the PlayStation Experience.

Last year The Gamers Lounge took a look at the $60 price tag and asked why do modern gamers still pay full price for a game? In 2016 we are going to revisit this idea with a few more options and address this question once again.

Monster Strike for 3DS tops the chart with strong jumps across the board for software titles on Nintendo platforms. On the hardware front, 3DS as expected is on top with Wii U taking a commanding position in the second spot over rival PS4. Holiday season in Japan is generally favorable for Nintendo platforms and the charts this week again prove that point.

"Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders From Planet Space (EDF2 here on out) benefits from a campy, enjoyable style that has actually aged quite well. It also possesses an excellent loot cycle that serves to keep players coming back for more. The term 'dumb fun' comes to mind, but it works here all the same.

So EDF2 is a better and bigger remake of the second game in the cult series. Giant bugs! Advanced weaponry! There is not a ton of narrative to be had here. You pick from one of a few classes t..."