Cel Damage HD, a car combat game, will be hitting the PSN store next week. The game is a cross-buy for all of the Sony consoles and will feature the ability to save and pick up on a different console.

"Players will once again become a high school student from Hope's Peak Academy thrown into a life-or-death situation — one by one, fellow classmates are killed off — on a desolate island that can only be survived through teamwork and careful sleuthing. Each character will have a unique special ability that makes them the "ultimate" example of something.

In order to solve crimes, players will have to match up evidence with classmates' stories in order to determine who is lying — and who is a..."

MotoGP 14 is very realistic and the tracks are exact replicas of the real MotoGP racing maps. Pro Rider Gino Rea who rides for AGT Rea Racing in Moto2 said when a new track is added to his calender, he will play PlayStation as much as he can to memorise which corner comes up next...

"Explosive animals. If I didn’t have your attention with that, then allow me to introduce you to Super Exploding Zoo – the latest title from Honeyslug that gives you animals that explode. It was a late announcement for EGX Rezzed 2014, but one of my personal favourites at the expo, for the simple reason that you’re saving the planet from Aliens with exploding animals. For the purpose of this preview, I played it on Playstation 4."

"A lot of Metal Gear 2‘s appeal is in how modern it feels after 24 years. The stealth feels smooth despite its complexity – smoother, perhaps, than MGS1‘s, and the story is filled with all of the plot twists and melodramatic speeches one would expect from the series. It certainly feels dated in a few respects, especially near the end, but Metal Gear 2 is still a fascinating curiosity for any series fan, and a satisfying stealth game for everybody else."

"Brody of RGN writes, "When asking the average person, albeit a parent or middle-aged adult, about video games, most will tell you they are a waste of time and “rot your brain.” Video games have gotten such a huge amount of negative attention over the last couple of decades. They are usually the first thing people point fingers at when a horrible act of violence occurs. It seems as though mainstream media refuses to cover the fact that video games also have many positive effects on a person. S..."

GG3 writes: "Now that BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma is out on Playstation 3, people are getting antsy to also partake in the fighting game on their handheld. Well, Aksys Games has announced that the PS Vita version of the game will be out in stores on June 24, 2014."

While Ragnarok Odyssey ACE offers many improvements, I don’t believe it’s worth buying again for existing Ragnarok Odyssey owners. The added features are great, but the game is still flawed by repetitive quests. The online gameplay is still fun for those who like to take on giant bosses with friends. It’s great that PS3 owners get to join in on the action now too.

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This app can be downloaded for free, and you're able to train your in-game dog, customize your cars, and receive updates on the game.

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This port has less than a two star rating on PSN because people didn’t realize that this game is practically unplayable since it is entirely in Japanese. The menus, dialogue boxes, and story are almost unusable unless you memorize what they say or can read Japanese fluently. The only part that is not in Japanese is the game over screen, but shortly after the game over screen is the option to save and/or load a save which again is in Japanese!

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Playing as a pilot you are on a mission to fix your damaged aircraft in this new indie game, Luftrausers. Gametrailers have reviewed this little gem so have a watch to see if this is a game for you.

This week has once again been wild with the latest exciting news within the video game industry. Notch have pulled out of their Oculus Minecraft project after the VR software was purchased by social media giants, Facebook, and EA release details about their new Star Wars game. This is IGN's daily fix with a round up of this week's top 5 news items.

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Aksys reveals the release date for Mind Zero on the PS Vita including distribution channels. US and EU fans now only need to mark their calendars for the magical date.

North America will see Mind Zero on May 27, 2014 while European buyers will be able to catch it on May 28, 2014 for $39.99 (no EU pricing specified) in digital form or from retail partners.

For an early look, check out the new trailer that released today

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To most gamers they would take on look at Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and write it off as another quirky Japanese game that they would have no interest in. They would be wrong. It is quirky and over the top, but it is hands down one of the best game on the Vita and not to be missed.

From indie developer Roll7, OlliOlli is a 2D platformer featuring simple controls where players can unleash their true skateboarding talents. Now OlliOlli makes its way to PS3 and PS4 this summer.

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With the huge anticipation surrounding the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, let’s take a look to the best Final Fantasies that have made this franchise the most popular since the dawn of video games.

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars latest character trailers introduce Serina an Narika which is due out for PS Vita and 3DS in North America on April 15, and Europe in Q2 2014.
Serina is a brash and in-your-face third-year student, who uses a weapon called a kick gun in battle. She has a bit of a complex about her small stature, going to “incredible lengths” to fix it.
Narika is the ultra-shy school vice president who has “brilliant ideas,” but not the self-esteem to back them up....

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It's a good day for the entertainment side of the Playstation Vita. Now it is easier to watch some of your favorite shows on this gaming device. I feel like this could help out the Vita's sells a little, but not by much. I still do think this is a good thing for it.