"Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham features many DC superheroes and supervillains apart from Batman, including Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Lex Luthor, as they battle for the fate of the planet in an all-new story."

I am still kind of surprised that Zen Pinball 2 is a thing. But it is great to see them continue to release new content for the game so that it gives gamers more of a reason to keep playing. Zen Studios has announced that Guardians of the Galaxy will be making its way to the PS3, vita, and PS4 for Zen Pinball 2. Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Groot, and Rocket Raccoon will join together as they go onto an epic pinball battle on July 29th for only $2.99! Here is a look at the trailer:

The next installment in the Phantasy Star series received a gameplay video recently, showcasing some battle action. Phantasy Star's release date is unconfirmed, but will have a demo sometime next month.

Watch the full gameplay video here:

"The list includes many games that have been announced but also a few surprises including Until Dawn and the PS3 classic Journey. Many figured after the critically acclaimed Flower made its way unto PS4 last year, that Journey would do the same and it turns out they were right."

"There’s a cache of crazy games that never come to America. Crazy… crazy games. Sometimes, those crazy games find a publisher close enough to the edge of sanity’s precipice that they reach a point where they say “Screw it!” and they actually publish a niche game that causes gape-mouthed reactions and wide-eyed responses from anyone who dares play such a thing. Well, XSeed Games is one of those publishers and Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed is one of those games… and it’s coming to America for..."

OlliOlli is a fun and addicting twist on the skateboarding genre, but I don't believe that it really has the leg-power to keep up with other frustration-inducing indie titles like Spelunky and Crypt of the Necrodancer. However, if you enjoy quick games with a challenge in the vein of the Trials series, then this game will definitely be for you.

"Ubisoft announced today that Tetris Ultimate will be coming to Nintendo 3DS this fall, following its launch on PS4, Xbox One, and PC this summer.

In addition to the six game modes included in every version, Tetris Ultimate on 3DS will feature an exclusive single-player Challenge mode. This new mode will introduce several unique challenges, including orientation-locked and disappearing Tetriminos."

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Crazy Climber was the original vertical climbing game released in 1980 for the arcade and Atari 2600 system. Nintendo took notice and launched its climbing competition Donkey Kong in 1981. The sequel Crazy Climber 2 launched in Japan eight years later. Hyper Crazy Climber is another Japanese only game that was released for the PlayStation in 1996.

"A new trailer has been released for Mighty No. 9 detailing the game’s playability factors that includes some of the different enemies players will encounter, how power-switching will work, as well as a brief glimpse at Call, the female counterpart to the main protagonist, Beck."

"A ratings board in Korea has rated The Unfinished Swan for the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita. It’s not even the sort of thing where you have to question it or put on your skeptical glasses and take a sip of your cynic juice from your dubious-tainted coffee mug."

After releasing a pair of screenshots last week and promising more info this week on when fans can expect the next episode for The Walking Dead Season 2, Telltale Games has delivered. Not only do we get a release date by a new trailer as well.

If you’ve ever watched Rayman jet down a zip-line, or played god in From Dust, odds are you’ve experienced just one of the many games made in part by Neil Devine. Veteran of such titles as Rayman Legends, Beowulf: The Game, and Scooby Doo: Unmasked! to name a few, Devine’s made and played plenty by ear as one of the first audio programmers behind the earliest titles to be released on Ubisoft’s famous UbiArt Framework engine.

Today marks the start of a new path with GameGrep, we open our doors this afternoon to begin our first author and creator search. For those passionate about the community, esports, the industry and the topics within, we invite creative individuals to step up and throw their hat into the ring to be part of our first recruits of the year. This isn't our only call for applicants, we'll have a few more of these open through 2014 and eventually small window openings after we fill the staff pool.

There hasn't been much that has been constant with Skullgirls' and its two years existence but people have kept asking for it to make its way to the PS Vita and the PS4. And today it has been confirmed that Skullgirls Encore will see release on the PS4 and PS Vita this year!

Both versions will be the complete version with all of the DLC characters, stages and story funded by Lab Zero's Indiegogo campaign, the "All Play" multiplayer lobbies and an extensive art galley. The PS Vita version w...

BitShiftTV reviews the latest Visual Novel for Sony Platforms set in the universe of BlazBlue by Aksys Games! Is the game worth it or should it be skipped? Let's find out!

Conception 2: Children of the Seven Stars is a really quirky game with a bit too much over the top sexuality to recommend to even our most adventurous readers. There is a good visual novel combined with a decent (but not great) dungeon crawler that makes a very long and somewhat entertaining package. Being the completionist that I am, I clocked in over 150 hours. Most people could easily beat it in half of that – but again, should you? I would say that the primary target audience, men, pro...

"Bandai Namco sent out word today that One Piece Unlimited World Red has officially launched for handhelds and home consoles that don’t belong to Microsoft. The game is also scheduled to launch for the PlayStation Vita beginning July 14th, next week."

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GG3 writes: "It’s been a hectic ride for developer Crunching Koalas and their game MouseCraft. After some initial buildup on their own terms, the game was able to successfully ride the Steam Greenlight train onto Early Access."

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The 2D retro-platformer will be available for free to all Playstation Plus members on the PS Vita starting tomorrow. You can also pick up the game for cheap in the Steam Summer Sale.

The game is ultimately about hope and despair. Monokuma's motivation is to create as much despair in the students as possible in an effort to get them to participate in the “Killing Game” and, we find out, to make a larger observation about life. What the game has to say about hope and despair is interesting but, from a Christian perspective, incomplete. Our hope is trusting the Lord and as such can never be taken away by any force unless we permit it. In this light Monokuma's objective h...

EA has noticed that there have been fake EA support accounts that have been popping up on Instagram now. Twitter has been something known for a while and fakes just inject themselves into support conversations before drawing people into a phish page. But it looks like it has now started on Instagram as well during the World Cup fever with a promise of new & exclusive characters as long as you visit the link in their profile.

“Neymar #MOTM is here! The 20 first who log in on the link in our...