"I have always wanted to get into anime, but I never had the time nor the money to really dive into that hobby. A few years ago I heard ramblings of a new anime to hit our shores, Attack on Titan. I threw myself into the show and fell in love. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for me to get into more anime, but the show made me a avid fan of the series; I’m still waiting patiently for Season 2 and the movies to hit our shores."

In Stranger of Sword City, you find yourself inside of a commercial airplane, when suddenly you are alone and crash onto the surface of an unknown land. Dangerous beasts threaten to attack you, and some others come to your aid. They explain that you are one of many Strangers, who came from Earth to this new land in a different dimension, where monsters and special creatures called Lineages threaten everyone's safety. Once defeated, they leave behind a Blood Crystal, which you must then han...

Overall, this is a fun series that can be completed in less than ten hours for the first five chapters. The additional three make the full series $40 for roughly fifteen hours of entertainment. Minecraft fans and adventure gamers are bound to enjoy this game, but I’d recommend waiting for a sale because of how short the chapters are.

The gang is back again and this week they talk about No Man’s Sky, Dark Souls, Far Cry Primal, Alien Carnage, Commander Keen, PS4 Firmware 4.0 beta, Final Fantasy XV delayed, Destiny: The Collection, Xbox One number one in July and more!

Shiren the Wanderer - The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate is amazing. It’s hard, it’s challenging, it’s a Roguelike. While there are many features present in order to help out Shiren and Koppa, none of it matters if fate has other plans. Careful consideration of actions is just as important as making proper preparations but above all else, it’s ok to run away sometimes in order to come back with better equipment and beat the crap out of whatever made you run away in the first place.

Much like I did. But this is not the case. Your controller is not broken so do not try and take it apart. Dungeon Punks does not utilise either of the analog sticks by default. Changing this in the Settings screen makes the movement a lot easier, but spell execution can become more sporadic.

On this weeks show the guys talk about Dark Souls, Hive Jump, Batman: The Telltale Series EP1, Pokemon GO!, Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich, Overwatch, Sega Sales are up, The Division movie and more!

"Playstation Now has been updated for August with a total of 59 games! These latest additions brings the total amount of games available on the UK service to over 300!
The new titles include some great games from the last generation including The Darkness II, Spec Ops The Line, WWE2K15 & Oddworld Strangers Wrath"

Hue will be arriving on Xbox One, PS4, PS Vita (with cross-play) and PC come August 23rd 2016. Full of colour, it'll be priced at £11.99 / $14.99 / €14.99 (with launch discounts in place), the indie sensation from Fiddlesticks and Curve Digital takes a simple premise and turns it all into a puzzle adventure like no other.

"After a tumultuous 4 years of well-publicised development problems; including being delayed not once, not twice but four times, along with Keiji later returning to Kickstarter in 2014 for additional funds. But alas here we are in 2016, and the Blue Bomber finally makes his triumphant return… well not quite."

Crash Landed delves into Mighty No. 9

"Rising Star Games today announced that the physical boxed edition of the critically-acclaimed isometric platform game Lumo will be available in the USA on August 30 for the PS4 at $19.99. In Europe, boxed versions for PS4 and PlayStation Vita will be available on September 9th priced at £19.99/€19.99.."

On rail shooters are a genre that have been steadily going down hill over the years. Gone are the console releases of classics such as Time Crisis and Point Blank that were both exciting and engaging. Now days we are welcomed with the release of games such as Gal Gun which is a bit of a curve ball for the genre and even fans of the niche in general.

This week the guys talk about Dark Souls, Overwatch, Pokemon GO, Pokemon Y, Battle World Kronos, Boy and his Blob, Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich, Doom, Playstation Neo, NES Mini, Xbox One S and more!

There are some games that you slowly build into. You’re introduced through a lengthy cut-scene to the wondrous world you’re going to spend the next twenty hours enjoying. You’ll get a insight into the main protagonist and slowly work out what their problems, aims and goals are. Then there are games that immediately shout “RUN” at you.

Taking charge of a quick witted, fleet of foot ninja is nothing new. Destroying numerous robots and escaping the clutches of an evil madman isn’t either. Should you be forced into any of those things, you’ll usually find that sitting back patiently, sipping a cup of tea, surveying the surroundings and carefully planning your strategy works wonders.

Hoping to capitalize on the recent success of The Force Awakens blockbuster film, they’ve transferred all the action into the trademark LEGO blocks for a fifth major adaptation from the Star Wars franchise.

While the story of Grand Kingdom is pretty ordinary, the voice actors are generally likable and I enjoyed the visuals, so it was cool to see things through to the conclusion. Though after I did, I discovered that there is some additional story-based questing available. The premise to Grand Kingdom is that you are the leader of a mercenary group and you are recruited into a mercenary guild. In the story your primary function is to save everyone from the entirely unoriginal attempt of bad peopl...

In the end, Odin Sphere Leifthrasir is a well-polished and fun game that should be considered owning it as long as you’re not put off by the Norse mythology, language or violence. Owners of the original game may enjoy the enhancements, but may want to hold off for a sale before buying it again. Newcomers to the series will find a lot to like here.

Grand Kingdom offers a new take on medieval tactical warfare. It's spin mixes board game strategy with turn-based Final Fight style action. Ryan Johnson at The Gamer's Lounge gets to take a spin with the title and reports whether it's worth your time.

This week the gang is all here for our milestone episode 100. We take more questions from you the listeners. Thanks to all our loyal listeners for making this 100th episode possible.

"Week ending on 02/07/2016, the Top 10 chart of the best selling wholesale video games, LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens releases and takes the top number one position of the wholesale and retail charts. Fifa 16 keeps the second place."

This week the gang is back and this episode all we do is answer questions submitted by you the listener as we approach episode 100. Check out the site www.the-gamers-lounge.com

Aside from the uneven animations, my only other complaint comes from the memo feature. I found it far easier just to keep notes on a pad of paper than attempting to write with my fingertip. This is not the best use of touch controls between the memo and the sometimes finicky puzzle inputs, but it is hardly a deal breaker either. Because at the heart of everything here however, is the narrative. I really cannot say enough good things about how well-written the characters and the stories are. I...

Out today on all the usual formats – Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, PC, Wii U, 3DS, PS Vita – LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens gives you the chance to play as all of the characters from the movie.

Bandai Namco have today launched an opportunity that should excite all One Piece fans. With Burning Blood out on Xbox One, PS4 and PS Vita already – with a PC version due to drop soon – you can now vote on which characters you would like to see join the game roster.