"A third of PS4 owners are actually converted fanboys. They gave up their Xbox 360s, abandoned their Wiis and I might even imagine a few members of the Glorious PC Master Race may have traded their SLI GPUs and multi-monitor setups to get a taste of the black and blue brand from Sony. Of course, that’s according to a new report from a Nielson Media Research survey."

"The controversy surrounding region-locking video games is a complex one, and one that’s never helped consumer choice. I’m against it. I’d doubt any players are for it, and most tolerate it, and certainly no one saying it’s fair. At the same time, Nintendo’s reasons for locking down their own systems–and for quite a long time, mind you–may be no less valid."

This is a brand new trailer released by EA Sports focusing solely on how goalkeepers have been improved overall in FIFA 15. Goalkeepers now read and react to the game a lot better than in previous titles and are able to pull off astounding reflex saves. The computer AI has been improved and keepers will now decide whether to stick to their goal mouth or rush out and sweep the ball away.
Realism is what we want and that is exactly what EA Sports are trying to give us. There are new ways t...

This is the new trailer from EA Sports revealing the Ultimate Team Legends collectible cards in the online Ultimate Team mode for FIFA 15. You'll be able to play as your favourite legends, from Sir Bobby Moore to Zinedine Zidane. Play as the hot head, Roy Keane or even go for the crazy head of Carlos Valderrama! There are tons of legends to collect to build your ultimate team.

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"The following five game consoles in our humble opinion should be added to your bucket list. These silicon chipped monsters are the most awesome machines ever released for gamers and we are here to tell you why these are worth playing!"

These collectible Nintendo figurines will be available to buy from Target stores right across the United States. These are a new line of toys from Jakks Pacific called 'World of Nintendo'. The Mario, Yoshi and Link figurines are 4" tall whilst the likes of Donkey Kong and Bowser are appropriately a little taller, standing at 6".

Dan Adelman has announced that he will be leaving his role as Nintendo's Head of Digital Content after 9 years at the company. Adelman broke the news yesterday on Twitter. This is the man responsible for bringing several indie games over to Nintendo including World of Goo, Cave Story and Bit.Trip.

He will now be working with independent developers on their marketing and business development and will no doubt be an important asset with experience at both Nintendo and Microsoft, where he was...

"Illustrator Joey Spiotto’s show “Storytime” is now available online. He has created tributes to Little Golden Books with covers of popular movies and video games including Assassin’s Creed, The Last of Us, Predator and many more. You can view some of them below."

Two women who certainly pack a punch or two between them but who would win in a fight to the end?

Sheik is Princess Zelda's alter ego and has mastered the arts of stealth. She uses Deku Nuts to help her vanish in the blink of an eye. Sheik carries a weapon known as a tanto on her back and can unsheathe it at any point to engage in a duel.

Even without the iconic power suit, Samus Aran has a far more modern approach to her appearance and combat. Her skin tight suit allows her to move q...

Two phenomenal warriors lock horns in battle but who do you back to be the last man standing? Darth Vader of course has his lightsaber ready to wield and he also has a great understanding of the force and can use it to cripple his opponents. His weaknesses lie underneath that mask of his. Should it be removed during the battle, he would struggle greatly and well...without his robotic arms and legs his mobility isn't that great.

Master Chief doesn't have a lightsaber handy but does have an...

"The Wii version of Skylanders Trap Team will include a download code for the Wii U version, effectively creating a cross-buy benefit for the toys-to-life game coming soon from Activision.

Skylanders' official Twitter feed pointed out the bonus on Wednesday, meaning that those who buy the game on Wii won't have to buy a new set (at $75) if they upgrade to Wii U. Those who have both consoles may wish to consider this even if the Wii U will be the primary option."

"What is the phrase that people often associate with Nintendo’s products? Oh that’s right! It prints money!

Never has that term been so true for the Pokemon franchise. License Globals – a firm that researches company revenue from licensed products has published a new report title “Top 150 Licensors.” As the title of the report suggests – the research paper countdowns the top 150 companies that earns the most from licensing agreements.

License Globals finds that the Pokemon Company earns..."

Curve Studios has been making games for several years and they make games the way they needed to be: easy to access, hard to master, and most of all fun. Today there's a resurgence of the "indie" game. People are looking to get away from the AAA big-budget titles and get back to just having fun. They games can be had for next to nothing these days and are well worth it

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Supercheats recaps all the press conferences from E3 2014 in the most bite-sized way possible and even puts them in order from the least exciting to most exhilarating. Hell, there are even bullet points for those who really don't want to read.

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Overwolf will be previewing the upcoming CrowdPlay feature, a TPG(Twitch Play games) toolset that allows viewers to play games with one another by entering commands in the chat. This first Overwolf-built TPG is ongoing right now on Overwolf's Twitch channel found here as they play Final Fantasy VI.

It is not easy to program TPGs but Overwolf has made it easier by building tools so that anyone with basic level of technology can set it up and do it. Commands are done through the chat room a...

Zelda Williams, daughter of actor Robin Williams, is of course named after the much loved Nintendo franchise. Zelda has been invited to participate in Nintendo events before and in a series of mysterious tweets, she has revealed that she is doing something special at this year's E3.

Strong rumours in recent weeks suggest that Nintendo are to announce a huge new Zelda Wii U title and with the franchise being so important to Zelda Williams, you'd think that she will be involved with that pre...

Nintendo revealed that they are making a new affiliate program on YouTube that can allow content creators to gain ad revenue off of their Nintendo themed videos. Is this good for the gamers or simply a way for Nintendo to cash in?

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Traveller's Tales have taken to social media this week, leaving cryptic clues and creating mysterious new accounts, sparking rumours of an addition to the LEGO Batman series.

A new Twitter account named LEGOBatmanGame was created by Traveller's Tales and has been providing followers with updates about their cryptic images being uploaded to their Instagram page.

It's been two years since the last LEGO Batman game was released and with no official word regarding a Christmas LEGO game relea...

"Even when given more open levels, a Mario game still defines where a level begins, and what exactly will cause it to end (either grabbing a Star or Shine Sprite). Mario Galaxy was a missed opportunity to change that formula around – don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed both Mario Galaxy games.

But when you offer me the universe and find a way to only give it to me piece by piece, that’s disappointing. If Mario Galaxy had found a way to tie each individual galaxy together, leaving the playe..."

Watch Dogs is almost out for the amusement of most gamers. However, not everything is perfect about this game. Check out why Watch dogs’ hacking system can’t convince anyone at all.

"May we meet again.... it's time to say goodbye."

I have many fun memories of playing different games on my DS and Wii. Too many to count, i'm afraid. I hope all gamers will realize that the end of a era has happened, and it will be missed.

Goodbye, the Nintendo Wii, and DS.