Gamer Wares provides an in-depth review of the X Rocker 51396 gaming chair. The review reveals how the chair performs in terms of comfort, audio, and more.

July was a slow month and I was out of town a lot. This left only a few weekends for garage sales. But I still had good luck and I found a few gems. The season is over halfway done and there is only about 2 months left in my area. There are still plenty of games to be found.

Mighty No.9 is out and has had a tough time with what has become a lack lustre product. But is Deep Silver to blame for this? Dom gives his two cents on the matter along with the state of Mighty No.9 ever since it's launch.

So far we have seen many dots matching games. But TwoDots game is quite different among them. When you see it’s see it gives you an idea that we need to match two dots and complete the level. But this context is completely wrong.

"I was a bit leery about this title when I saw Activision’s logo on the box, but they didn’t seem to taint this title at all. In fact, some aspects of this game have found their way into Call of Duty: Black Ops. Weird, right? I’m guessing some developers from this title meandered their way over to the Call of Duty office and helped with those titles."

The announcement of Disney canceling Disney Infinity has many gamers disappointed. The last few years have been good for the so-called "Toys to Life" games. Skylanders, Lego Dimensions, Disney Infinity, Nintendo’s Amiibos have all filled this niche. The bigger question remains is this the slow decline of the popularity across the genre? What is going to happen over the next few years? What's next for the genre?

April is here, which means Garage sales are back. Hopefully, this means there are plenty of people selling games at Garage Sales. Welcome back to the weekly adventures of one of the guys from The Gamers Lounge as he tries to hunt down some great finds.

As a long-time fan of the Paper Mario series, I was hesitant to pick up this title because of its emphasis on platforming instead of the turn-based system I enjoyed, but I once I gave it a try I was pleasantly surprised. It’s just as packed with wacky ideas and fun dialogue as the previous installments, but since this title is less text-heavy a lot of those concepts were instead used on gameplay elements and world/enemy designs. People that might enjoy this game are those that like the big, g...

"Nintendo has been cranking out Legend of Zelda remake after remake for almost five years, and I’m honestly not complaining. I never had the chance to play the N64 titles so having them being on the 3DS is a nice boon to me. My favorite Zelda of all time is Wind Waker and I have no problem replaying that masterpiece, and just recently Twilight Princess was re-released, a title that I enjoyed in the final days of the GameCube. I’m thrilled to have all these titles in my library and I am current..."