"Racers will be split into 4 regionally based segments: Americas, Western Europe, Eastern Europe – Middle East – Africa and Asia – Pacific.

In addition, each geographical region will be split into divisions:
Bronze – The regional ‘Junior league’ where all racers start out.
Silver – The regional ‘Champion league’ where all racers advance to.
Gold – The international ‘Elite league’ which the top racers advance to from each region."

"“In the first iteration, the Salt Flats was a nice sunny day, but this was kind of boring. So we decided to go with this epic storm on the horizon, then I could animate the clouds moving and the dust storm coming.”"

The objective in Pokémon Go is simple. You must walk around and locate and catch Pokémon in the real world. The game uses your GPS location to keep track of your location and speed. It encourages walking as driving while playing is disabled and extremely unsafe as people have gotten into car accidents while playing it.