Disney’s Where’s my Water? series is a fun, enjoyable puzzle game that features lovable Disney characters trying to figure out how they can move resources from a certain point toward them.

"Sony Computer Entertainment’s (SCE) Project Morpheus is the latest step into virtual reality (VR) by a home console manufacturer and despite only having been revealed for a month is already making waves through the community. Project Morpheus is a very different vision of VR to the current poster boy for the technology, the Oculus Rift, and one aspect in particular has been that of multiplayer gaming."

Whoever says video games are bad for you has no idea what they are talking about! Plenty of games stretch those brain muscles and can improve your intelligence or at least aspects of it. To help you find which games will actually help your brain out we made a best brain games for Windows Phone list!

King’s Bounty: Legions is a game that needs no introduction. The game, which has been well received on Facebook and has over 7,000,000 active players has now come to the mobile platform.

If you are to count the number of good games that hit the Windows platform before Android and iOS, there wouldn’t be too many. Artifex Mundi’s Enigmatis 2 is certainly one that fits the bill.

Bad Piggies, the Angry Birds spin-off from Rovio Entertainment has been entertaining fans on Android and iOS platforms for over 18 months now. The long wait for the game on the Windows Phone platform is finally over as the popular villains are here to delight you with their fun and mischievous antics in their eternal search for those darn eggs.

"The virtual reality (VR) community is currently in disarray. Yesterday’s announcement that the leading light in modern VR development, Oculus VR, is to be purchased by Facebook has ruffled many-a-feather, but in reality this is far from the end. In fact, what happens next in the world of VR is very much up to you."

Slowly but surely Windows Phone is getting the top games that iOS and Android have been getting for a while. The latest hit game to finally hit Windows Phone is Machinarium.

"This Windows 8 game features interactive levels, smooth graphics, and action-packed gameplay. Though the game has its flaws, it’s a free game that’s worth a try."

Who would have thought that Top Gear would put out an app, especially an app for Windows Phone. Well don’t question it as we already have it. Beat the Stig by BBC Worldwide is out now and is of the familiar endless runner concept.

Star Wars Tiny Death Star players, it is time to hit the update button and grab yourself some new features that LucasArts has just unleashed. First on the list of improvements is Facebook integration. Players who sign into Facebook will now be able to check out which of their friends are playing the game. That’s not all.

"Altergaze, an affordable smartphone-based VR peripheral, launched a Kickstarter campaign yesterday. Designer Liviu Berechet Antoni is looking to raise £25,000 GBP to help start manufacturing the headset, which places two lenses around a smartphone and then displays supported apps in stereoscopic 3D. VRFocus recently spoke to Antoni about the product, the competition and the campaign."

If you’re a soccer (or football) then I’m sure you have been excited for the FIFA series and specifically the new FIFA 14 that was released this year. Well, now FIFA fans who own a Windows Phone can rejoice as FIFA 14 for Windows Phone is finally out!

We decided to make a Top 10 List for exclusive games for Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Take that to mean ten great reasons to get a Windows device instead of an iOS or Android one.

After having an unofficial version of Tap the Frog hit the Windows Play Store last year (and subsequently getting pulled), Playmous has finally published the official Tap the Frog version for all of us to enjoy. If you don’t know the Tap the Frog game it is a series of eleven minigames that aim to test observation and reactionary skills and is perfect for short bursts of gaming for all ages.

In a welcome change of events, Windows Phone users can gloat on the fact that a fun looking puzzle game has launched on the Windows platform ahead of Android and iOS. The game in question is called Deadlings and it is the brainchild of Polish developers Artifex Mundi, who have plenty of great hidden object games to their credit on the Windows platform.

Touted as a “battle runner,” Dark Lands for Windows Phones by Mingle Games was downloaded over a million times. With over 17,000 reviews, it’s rated at a 4.70. Meanwhile, I’m left wondering how the mobile gaming market hasn’t taken everything over with numbers like that popping up for games I’ve never even heard of.

Flappy Bird has been the number one downloaded game on both Google play and the iTunes store for weeks now. After its nearly unavoidable presence in the media this week, Flappy Bird has been bringing in nearly $50,000 in revenue daily.

"Electronic Arts has revealed a new trailer for The Sims 3, celebrating the holiday season with the usual reverential humour associated with the brand. The Sims 3 is a hugely popular videogame across multiple formats, and this winter sees plenty of new content being brought to fans of the title."

The Content ID Claim system is terrorizing the YouTube Gaming Community. What are other alternatives to continue posting and viewing great gameplay content.

Supercheats discusses the appeal of free-to-play and the importance of its inclusion on the current gaming market. With free games now offering the same high production values as traditional content, consumers can welcome this new freemium era of never having to pay, unless they truly want.

Come check out the Video Games Awards Today Live on Spike Tv. Lots of popular gaming titles will be included...

A newly released study performed by the mobile device research institute App Annie Intelligence, using data collected by IDC, has found that the Playstation Vita is lagging in last place under many handheld markers. Mobile devices are dominating the handheld market, with Nintendo and Sony consoles lagging far behind. It was also found that half of all mobile gamers are female, among other important findings about the handheld and app-based gaming market.

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GG3 catches some more game references in this week's popular TV shows. Once more, The Simpsons goes for a mobile device game, except this time they ridicule its own monetization schemes. For Family Guy, staying stuck in the past is more their thing, with an NES Mario thing.