FIFA 15 has been receiving a massive amount of hype since its reveal trailer at E3 2014. Everyone has been majorly looking forward to it, myself included, but will it manage to deliver? Will it provide the promised “Next-Gen” goalkeepers or will they be dreadful? So many questions, time to get the answers.

"Following in the footsteps of Bojan Brbora and his critically acclaimed 4PM, National Film & Television School (NFTS) student Ana Ribeiro has revealed to VRFocus her plans for the public release of graduate project, Pixel Rift. Developed primarily as a virtual reality (VR) experience, Pixel Rift will be made available to purchase in 2015."

"Despite some refreshingly aggressive marketing and a strikingly positive reaction from the virtual reality (VR) community, Tammeka Games' Radial-G has failed to reach it's funding goal on Kickstarter. The 30 day campaign came very close to successful completion with a strong push in the final few days, closing at £38,795 GBP of it's £50,000 target."

There will be tears, there will be screaming and there may be blood. Maybe even a little wee. The World's Hardest Game isn't to be taken lightly. There are 30 challenging levels to work your way through, navigating a small red square across various stages. Reach the end and you may bask in glory.

I first discovered this game during secondary school. It was one of those internet games that sweep across your year group as everyone spends a day or two absorbed within this fad, trying to out d...

Two phenomenal warriors lock horns in battle but who do you back to be the last man standing? Darth Vader of course has his lightsaber ready to wield and he also has a great understanding of the force and can use it to cripple his opponents. His weaknesses lie underneath that mask of his. Should it be removed during the battle, he would struggle greatly and well...without his robotic arms and legs his mobility isn't that great.

Master Chief doesn't have a lightsaber handy but does have an...

"Reach3dx is a new, full-featured 3D game engine which provides cross-platform support for iOS, Android, HTML5, and Flash. Based on the OpenFL framework and Haxe, Reach3dx facilitates a creative environment highly familiar to the existing development community. Reach3dx presents a new solution to reliable HTML5 web support, high performance and native user experience on mobile."

You are Jack, a happy go lucky guy who turns into a tree hater when your granny gets killed by a mysterious tree with blue pine cones. You have to take revenge by grabbing your trusty axe and chopping down any tree that you happen to see around.

Game Insight have plenty of fun city building games to their credit including 2020 My Country and Airport City. The Russian developers’ latest city building game for Windows Phone is called Big Business Deluxe, which has you attempting to put your business acumen to the test.

"The Oculus Rift. Project Morpheus. GameFace. Altergaze. Dive. These are just some of the many head-mounted displays (HMDs) available now or coming to market soon that focus primarily on one very distinct technology: virtual reality (VR). However, what would happen if a HMD that was capable of VR also looked towards stereoscopic movies, high quality audio and other media? Avegant’s Glyph is the exact answer to that question."

"One week into the Kickstarter campaign for Radial-G we’re here with developer Tammeka to talk about their progress thus far. Rolling straight into this second instalment of their on-going development diary here at VRFocus, Tammeka are pumped for the next phase of their Kickstarter journey thanks to a successful outing at the Develop Conference 2014, and new bridges being built with Sony Computer Entertainment."

"Following yesterday’s launch of an official Kickstarter campaign for the futuristic racing videogame Radial-G, indie studio Tammeka has dropped the first instalment of a new series of developer diaries here at VRFocus. Beginning with a description of why the team chose to follow the Kickstarter route and the work that has gone into maximising it’s chances of success, Tammeka’s Sam Watts, 3D Producer on Radial-G, demonstrates that the team aren’t afraid to tackle this challenge head-on."

"You may well have heard of developer Hammerhead Interactive for its promising Hypercast project. It’s a piece of virtual reality (VR) software that the company uses to develop pre-rendered arhictecture and more for various uses. But the team also has its very own videogame currently in development, Undercurrent. VRFocus recently spoke to lead designer Christian Frausig about the upcoming title."

"Tammeka are releasing a constant stream of preview content for the recently revealed Radial-G, with the latest being a brand new batch of screenshots and artwork. Here at VRFocus we have the full collection of recently revealed items as well as some brand new concept art direct from the publisher."

"Hamerhead Interactive is currently working on a virtual reality (VR) underwater exploration title named Undercurrent. The videogame is in development for PC and features full support for the Oculus Rift VR headset. Of course, when the project started development the Oculus Rift was essentially the only VR headset that developers could get their hands on. Now new options such as Project Morpheus and GameFace have extended the technology’s reach to PlayStation 4 and mobile platforms respectivel..."

If you love rhythm based music games such as Guitar Hero and DJ Hero, you’ll enjoy the latest game from developers Mad Fellows Ltd. Its called Salvage and Microsoft has got exclusive rights for the game on the Windows platform (at least until the third quarter of 2013) just so you can enjoy it before the rest of the Android and iOS folks can.

The new Man of the Match in form cards are just hours away from going live on the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team game mode. Amongst these special cards is FA Cup winner Aaron Ramsey and Bayern Munich centre back, Jerome Boateng. These players will be available to find in packs from 1am UK time/5pm PT on the 21st May.

The 2014 LA Games Conference has swept through at Roosevelt Hotel yet again, the show brought industry leaders from mobile, online and traditional media under one roof to talk shop on a business level perspective. For those unfamiliar, it’s a show where you study distribution tactics, figure out current and upcoming monetization practices and get your head in the game for the road ahead.
In past years that I’ve attended, the show has had a mix of monetization, analytics and monetization trac...

Game Insight, developers of popular city building games such as Airport City and 2020: My Country are out with their latest Windows Phone game and this one is an action strategy battle game called Cloud Raiders.

If you’ve ever wanted to be a detective or just play as the role then Another Case Solved will give you that chance. Another Case Solved is actually a very interesting and detailed game that sort of plays like a collection of fun little mini games but then ties it all together to actually solve some detailed mysteries.