"A few months ago, I went down memory lane and decided to play one of my favorite button mashers, Final Fight on my Super Nintendo. That nostalgia prompted me to go out and look for more Final Fight games seeing as I only had that one in my collection. My hunting around used games stores and thrift shops helped me find a title that I knew existed but hadn’t had time to play, Final Fight: Streetwise."

"I personally never owned this game, but a buddy that I roomed with after college got the PlayStation 2 at launch with this title. Fighting games have never been my strong suit, even to this day I’m pretty bad at them, but man was this Tekken title fun."

Cinelinx talked it up with Star Wars: Republic Commando lead programmer, Brett Douville, about his experiences at LucasArts as well as the development process behind one of fans' favorite titles.

One of the lead developers behind Star Wars Republic Commando sat down with Cinelinx and revealed the sequel plans for the original game, and answers one of Star Wars gamers' most prominent question.

A new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game seems to be on the horizon. There have been leaks of its achievements, of its boxart, and it has been rated in Australia. Seemingly being developed by Platinum Games and published by Activision, the game still has yet to be announced though the title of the game seems to be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan. To add to the set of leaks before the game has even come out is a batch of screenshots that Pure Xbox have gotten its hands on.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing is an Action role-playing game based off Bram Stoker’s legendary vampire slayer. Developed by the Hungarian independent development studio NeocoreGames, they have taken Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula, and turned it into a video game which focuses on the trials of young Van Helsing, the son of the legendary vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing.

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With the launch of Star Wars Battlefront, Star Wars fans are once again delving into the virtual galaxy far, far away. Cinelinx has taken a look back at the series' roots on consoles, to pick out the best games that are still fun to play today.

"Star Wars games have had a disparate history in video games, with some projects ending up being smash hits and others flopping harder than Jar Jar’s jokes.

So, with the highly-anticipated Battlefront releasing this week, we decided to look at the games that faired a little more towards the dark side with their quality."

FUT United for FIFA 16 is coming! For FIFA’s regular gamers, FUT United is not too strange, but for the new gamers of FIFA 16, you should get to know some details for it. Otherwise you will miss a special event packs and tourney.