With a bevy of new Star Wars video games on the horizon, Cinelinx takes a look back at some of the best titles and genres the galaxy far, far away has explored and that EA needs to revisit.

It was a sad day for many Star Wars fans when Disney decided to board up the doors at LucasArts. I was one of those fans that shed a tear when I heard the news – I remember looking through my old Xbox Star Wars games and noticing that I was missing an important one: Star Wars Republic Commando.

Welcome to another installment of Garage Sale Adventures. Join Erik from The Gamers Lounge on his chronicled adventure as he hits up garage sales in his local area and sees what he can find in the way of video games.

In Episode 31, 4 Guys with Quarters began the show with a pre-recorded interview of Michael Mendheim, the creative mind behind Mutant Football League (releasing on PC, Xbox One, and PS4)! After the interview, 4 Guys with Quarters flew through a bunch of gaming news stories from the past week, including Fable Legends going free-to-play and Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious. After talking about the newest releases 4 Guys with Quarters gave their thoughts on the newest Deals/Games with Gol...

Daav from Supercheats takes a look at some more games that deserve a sequel, because nostalgia happens to more than just one, absolute list of a few titles.

The new generation of gaming innovations that will finally bring your gaming experience to the next level.

The new innovations for the gaming world:

The gaming world was waiting for the new generation of game innovations that will bring their gaming experience to the next level. Stallios inc, worked for many years to bring many new innovations to the gaming world to help them have a more powerful & exiting gaming experience via their new powerful science fiction game, Xanxillium. Those...

"Sony came in like a wrecking ball in the mid-90s giving gaming giants (of the time) Sega and Nintendo a run for their money. The PlayStation One was the first ever optical disc-based 32-bit gaming console to achieve success. But, the best was still to come… In 1999 when Sega launched the first ever 128-bit console dubbed the Dreamcast, Sony was about to unleash its most successful console in history!"