FUT United has just gone, and FIFA 16 Black Friday and Cyber Monday with big market crash is coming, What details about Black Friday for FIFA 16 you should pay close attention to? Today we are going to share some important infomation about FIFA 16 Black Friday to help you get ready for it.

To play beautiful football on FIFA 16, the first thing is to get the right cards to build the best ultimate team possible. Above all, no matter you are regular or beginner, you should to know what kinds of cards on FIFA 16. Today we are going to share you the basic knowledge of FIFA 16 Cards.

With the launch of Star Wars Battlefront, Star Wars fans are once again delving into the virtual galaxy far, far away. Cinelinx has taken a look back at the series' roots on consoles, to pick out the best games that are still fun to play today.

"Star Wars games have had a disparate history in video games, with some projects ending up being smash hits and others flopping harder than Jar Jar’s jokes.

So, with the highly-anticipated Battlefront releasing this week, we decided to look at the games that faired a little more towards the dark side with their quality."

FUT United for FIFA 16 is coming! For FIFA’s regular gamers, FUT United is not too strange, but for the new gamers of FIFA 16, you should get to know some details for it. Otherwise you will miss a special event packs and tourney.

FIFA 16 Web App is very important to all players, although it has came back online for a while, but there are still many players get problem with it. Today we are going to talk about the most common problems you would meet when you are using FIFA 16 Web App.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Packs are one of the most important things in this game since they make it possible to introduce the cards into the game. If you are a big fan to play FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, the first and most important thing you to do is to open packs, No packs, there would be no player cards, no good players cards then you can not enjoy the game!

Succubus Morrigan Aensland captures the spirit of Darkstalkers and its anti-heroes.
Beautiful and sexy, Morrigan is a very special Succubus, even within all of the Darkstalkers: the powerful princess of the demon realm Makai is the successor to the throne of the Aensland family.
Zyaaa plays a friendly and approachable Morrigan despite her beauty and sexyness. She absorbs our spirit, just like Succubus race absorbs the spirit of the opposite sex and uses it as their own energy source.

What better way to celebrate a spook-tacular Halloween than with our beloved Darkstalkers monsters?
Morgana Cosplay has a special way to play trick or treat: she wears only bodypaint in this photoshoot that leaves little to the imagination.
She embodies Darkstalkers' Felicia, an energetic and optimistic catgirl who enjoys making friends with people: adults will surely like this spooky Halloween cosplay!

"Put aside the fact that Halo, reception aside, will always be ‘in the black’ (it’s essentially gospel, at this point); the franchise is still, in many ways, an unenviable inheritance. As a studio, 343 was not commissioned but lab-grown by Microsoft for the express purpose of shepherding Bunjie’s creation over the hills of a new console generation, and far away. No one said the task would be easy, but the property is of such renown that players are unlikely to go easy if at all crestfallen."

Surge is finally back and I cannot wait for a shipment to hit the West Coast so that I can relive my twenties. The beverage was a staple for my gaming in the early 2000's and it will be nice to play some classics with Surge in my veins once again.

Microsoft has had some amazing gems in their games catalog, one of which was announced to be receiving a remake in this newest console generation. That game was Phantom Dust. Released on March 15th, 2005, the action/strategy game was developed by Microsoft Game Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios and Majesco for the original Xbox console. To be honest, I had never heard of this game until very recently. I even missed the reveal of the Xbox One reboot somehow.

On this day in gaming in 2003, Soulcalibur II was released for GameCube, PS2, and Xbox. A huge critical success, Soulcalibur II was an improvement from its predecessor, with better graphics and gameplay. A weapons based fighting game, the plot surrounding each character was to either obtain the Soul Edge or destroy it.

Do you remember the good times on the original Xbox? I thought so. Most people were putting in hours on great games like Halo, Fable, and Counter-Strike, leaving all others to collect dust on your local game store. These games may not be as popular, but were as equally fun!

Ever wanted to see a classic franchise come back as much as this one? Dom goes over five reasons as to why Timesplitters should return on PC, PS4, Xbox One and even Wii U. Is it time to split?Ever wanted to see a classic franchise come back as much as this one? Dom goes over five reasons as to why Timesplitters should return on PC, PS4, Xbox One and even Wii U. Is it time to split?

Microsoft and Square Enix have announced the release date for Rise of the Tomb Raider, a time exclusive for the Xbox consoles. No word for PS4/PC versions yet unfortunately.

From Final Fantasy VII Remake, Fallout 4, Dark Souls III, Shenmue III, South Park: The Fractured but Whole, Kingdom Hearts 3, Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness to Fire Emblem Fates and Bravely Second (was officially revealed before E3 but still very close.) RPG Fans will have so much to look forward to going forward.

Microsoft's Kudo Tsunoda seems to have been checking op on Microsoft Studios' developers including Rare who is currently busy developer Xbox One exclusive 'Sea of Thieves'.

"Long before slapping “remaster” on the cover was a fad, these games put the “master” in “remaster” before it was cool. We gave you five fabulous remasters to pick from. Now, here are five more."