In 2007, Halo had the chance to be a mega-franchise, the likes of which we'd never seen before, but the boat was well and truly missed. It's time to move on and give up hope.

At first glance, Microsoft's Xbox One sales should a be cause for concern. However, upon closer inspection, you'll find that it's actually doing just fine.

With the release of the Next Gen Consoles and the PC staying ever dominant, xCALx from NoobFeed decided to go back through his memories and just whittle on about games he enjoyed playing. This time, he's going to go back to the Original Xbox, PS2 and PC, to a little game by developers IO Interactive, called Freedom Fighters released in 2003.

When you think of FPS games, it’s always the biggest titles or the cult classics that instantly spring to mind. Everyone with the internet has heard of Call of Duty or Battlefield, while games like Goldeneye or Timesplitters will likely forever hold a special place in the hearts of gamers.

But what about the shooters that didn’t quite hit the mark? The hidden gems or the forgotten ‘next big thing’ which didn’t even turn out to be a small thing? Or perhaps the first-person shooter that was ...

An announcement trailer for Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark has been released online. The trailer comes only a day after the game was listed by Amazon UK and subsequently taken down.

I’m back, baby! What a week to show my face again, huh? I caught the flu and was so devastated I couldn’t make Gaming Happens (Or any!) videos for you all. It’s been too long; I’m so friggin’ glad to be back. Anyway, it’s Valentine’s Day today! For this week’s Gaming Happens, in the spirit of all the chocolate, I’ve concocted a list of my top 5 best and my top 3 worst video game romances. I hope you enjoy, lovelies. My gift for you on this precious day. Catch you next Friday with a new episod...

Legendary blacksmith Man at Arms forges the Energy Sword from the Halo series. Sure, it's not made of plasma, but it does look pretty cool! Check out this video.

We all love gaming but I’ll be damned if gamers don’t suffer the stupidity of the industry’s repeated mistakes. I’ve been playing video games for a while now and it has become apparent that the gaming industry can be a bit hard-headed about changing their ways. Gamers are more engaged and passionate about the product they purchase than any other type of customer and so deserve to be treated as more than just a potential transaction. We simply ask the gaming industry that they hear our cries a...

Minecraft is one of the biggest selling games of all time selling over 10 million copies on the Xbox 360 alone. Minecraft doesn't come with a story-line, no missions to complete, all you have is your imagination but what happens when you run out off Ideas and start getting bored of the game. That why I have created a blog post that will hopefully give people some Ideas on how to make Minecraft fun again. I hope you enjoy :)

The Content ID Claim system is terrorizing the YouTube Gaming Community. What are other alternatives to continue posting and viewing great gameplay content.

London based Hello games have announced there latest project, No Man’s Sky. A brief reveal trailer highlighted a procedural science fiction game which has the player flying around strange worlds in a spaceship, swimming underwater and walking on several different planets. The game will feature a procedurally generated, massively multiplayer world. No release date or platform was announced but this game looks fantastic.

Come check out the Video Games Awards Today Live on Spike Tv. Lots of popular gaming titles will be included...

iRobot Gaming will be giving away 4 Brand New Google Chromecast HDMI Media Players in appreciation to all our viewers...

"Leafmore high school is no ordinary school – at least, not once you head into the basement. Kenny Matthews finds this out after chasing somebody down to the basement and finds himself surrounded by cages with some syringes poking around the place. Not only that, but there are some people in there who seem to be mentally scarred, and monsters in the darkness. Just as he's about to escape, the door shuts, trapping Kenny in the basement with the monsters. Kenny's girlfriend and sister notice tha..."

Call of Duty Ghost is most definately one of the best Shooter Game with Crazy Graphics and tons of fun things to do. Multiplayer mode is great and runs smoothly online.

"The incredible Bishoujo statues from Kotobukiya have brought you everything from superheroines to Tekken fighters, and now the long-awaited line of Street Fighter members is finally set to come to Europe. Beginning with the one, the only, Chun Li, the Street Fighter Kotobukiya Bishoujo statue series will debut in the UK early next year."

"Surely set to become one of the most highly sought after pieces of merchandise based on Valve’s enviable videogame franchises, today sees the release of the 1/4 scale Gordon Freeman statue. With his famous crowbar in one hand, and antlion-attracting Bugbait in the other, Gordon Freeman walks through the ruins of City 17, gazing out on a decimated world and wondering how to prevent the Combine from stripping it for parts."

This is a must read for anyone who's planning on starting their own Gaming Channel. In this article you will find some of the Top Gaming Networks to choose from to join....

If you love realism, NBA 2K is a Must Have, Check out the Official Gameplay video in this link, I guarantee you will be impressed and overly amazed with how detailed NBA 2K14 is.

If your into First Person Shooter Games, You wont want to miss out on owning the Delta Six Sniper Rifle. OMG, its Motion sensitive and creates a real life feel as if your actually in the game.

Need For Speed Rivals is a Must have for Christmas. Add this Title to your Black Friday List, you will not regret it. This game is the best racing game ever.