Gareth Thompson writes- After a seemingly endless amount of lackluster releases in the Resident Evil franchise, Capcom have turned a corner in this highly enjoyable episodic horror-fest. Whilst not quite reaching the heights set by the most popular games in the series, a large amount of effort has been made to give fans of the series what they want from a Resident Evil game, whilst also crafting an almost self contained story that will not alienate any newcomers to the franchise.

Denis Murphy writes- I remember the release of the original Mortal Kombat back in 1992. Though I didn’t actually play it until Midway released it on the Sega MegaDrive the following year, I remember the controversy and outrage. My parents didn’t really see what all the fuss was about, but they still refused to buy it for us. I can’t blame them, as back then you’d maybe pick up a brand new game in Ireland for around 70-ish Irish pounds.

The gang is back and topics this week are Batman DLC, BBC GTA Drama, Konami craziness, Gears of War Remastered, Mario Kart, Shenmue, Minecraft, Final Fantasy XIV, Neverwinter, Paid Mods, Colin Cowherd and more!

"Mighty No. 9 is set for release in North America on September 15th and on September 18th in Europe and the rest of the world for home consoles and PC. The game will be $19.99 as a digital download and $29.99 as a retail release. The reason the game is getting a retail release is because Deep Silver has stepped in as a publisher, causing a bit of grumbling from some of the Kickstarter backers."

Welcome to another installment of Garage Sale Adventures. Join Erik from The Gamers Lounge on his chronicled adventure as he hits up garage sales in his local area and sees what he can find in the way of video games.

"It never ends. As often as Rockstar goes out of their way to patch and fix the glitches, cheats and exploits that gamers find, someone will spend all day (or maybe two) to find out some way to beat the system. In this case, a new duplication glitch was found that works between patch 1.24 and 1.26 for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and the PS4. Luckily, PC gamers don’t have to deal with such cheap tricks and can just use the native trainer for their cheating and duplication needs."

Join John, Erik, Nathanal and Robert this week where they talk Mortal Kombat x, Bloodborne, GTA 5, Minecraft, Neverwinter, Mario Kart 8, Shenmue Undub, Nintendo StreetPass, Star Wars Battlefront, 2K Australia Closing, our Community Game Night and more!

A videocast as part of the weekly MGLMix on looking at the big news that broke on the massive releases heading our way this year. First we talk our reaction to The Witcher Wild Hunt going gold, then Star Wars Battlefront reveal followed by Star Ocean 5, Project CARS and Assassins Creed Chronicles.

"The new generation of Mortal Kombat is here and when this was originally announced I was very excited, I love the Mortal Kombat series and its arguably the best Beat em Up franchise of all time. With a lot of new characters and features coming to the series for the first time Mortal Kombat X sounds incredible on paper, but is the final game any good?"

An exploration of the MKX Story mode and it's influence on the genre and how NetherRealm have developed this in previous titles. While it feels like a Steven Seagal Movie overally, that's exactly what MKX needs to keep you interested and fighting.

Join John, Erik and Nathanael this week where they talk Tower of Guns, Minecraft, GTA 5, Destiny, Lego, Black Ops 3, external hard drives for 360, community game night and more!

Here is a sound comparison video featuring two games that are rarely compared to one another – Driveclub vs Need for Speed: Rivals. Click the link below to watch the video.

This exquisite and truly emotional game follows an Alaskan Native, Nuna who in an attempt to put an end to an eternal blizzard, encounters and forms and unlikely friendship with an Arctic Fox. Upper One Games story of the pair is based around an Alaskan folklore tale and is incredibly orientated around the Inupiat culture.

RPG Bosses can be notoriously difficult, so coming up with five of the hardest was a bit of a task. Nevertheless, here are five of the hardest bosses that that will push your RPG skills to their limits.

It was recently announced that physical copies of the upcoming racer NASCAR ’15 will be available exclusively at retailer GameStop for those living in the US.

It’s not clear whether this deal will extend to other parts of the world as it is too early to say.

It’s always interesting to hear the difference of car sounds from one game to another, sometimes it can be subtle other times it can be completely different and you are left wondering whether it is actually the same car in both games or not.

RIDE publishers PQube have shared on their official YouTube channel a new UK TV advert for the two-wheeled racer which can be seen above.

The twenty second advert shows gameplay footage of RIDE along with a very cheesy narrative.

RIDE officially launches today. According to Milestone, the two-wheeled racer is available now for Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC platforms.

RIDE features over 100 bikes from 14 licensed manufacturers including household names like Ducati, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Triumph.

Here is an interesting comparison video between the Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions of Ubisoft’s open-world racer The Crew.

What is interesting here is that the footage is so similar that only the really eagle-eyed will spot the subtle differences of which there are many if you have enough of a trained eye to spot them.

Feral Interactive have shared with the gaming community their recent podcast which focuses on the reasonably recent release of DiRT 3 Complete Edition for Mac.

Join John, Erik, Nathanael and Robert this week where they discuss Nintendo Direct, Cheaters in GTA 5, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, The Witcher 3 expansions, Sony buys OnLive, Bloodborne, Borderlands, Wii U, Vanishing of Ethan Carter and more!

Microsoft have just announced that the Furious 7 Car Pack for Forza Horizon 2 is now available as DLC for the Xbox One.

The Furious 7 Car Pack can now be purchased for $5, and features eight cars, two more than the usual Forza Horizon 2 car packs.

The latest Xbox deals with gold have surfaced along with some other Xbox sales. The sales contain several racing games as so I though it would be a good idea to let you guys know if you didn’t already.

Here is the intro video to the Premium Events category. These short introduction videos trigger when you first select a category in RIDE’s single player World Tour Mode.

Milestone have shared with the gaming community another of their bike category introduction videos.

Here is the intro video to the Historic Superbike category. The narrator speaks about this is where it all started, and that these are the bikes that have made history.